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Staggy’s Big Bream Bonanza.

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In recent years I’ve had a burning desire to better my PB bream of 16lb 7oz. I always set aside some time each year, with the hope of achieving this. Well this season was no different and I had been putting in a lot of ground work through the colder months in the hope that it would pay dividends.

Spring Crucians and Tench by Alan Stagg.

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Much of my stillwater fishing in recent years has evolved around one technique, introducing groundbait and lots of it, known as the baiting pyramid.  The idea is to try and attract a wide range of species to dine in the swim, create competitive feeding and hopefully tricking the fish into making a mistake.  This method has worked extremely well on many venues and has accounted for large bags of specimen bream, carp, tench and crucians.

Using a Zig Beetle-Frank catches a 41lb carp-video

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Link to video

Video featuring Frank Warwick talking about the way he will use Enterprise Tackles new ET72 Zig Beetles and on this trip he uses one to catch one of Bluebell Lakes big common carp, a fish that is probably one of the most difficult to fool, being wary of most ‘regular’ baits and methods, but it just couldn’t resist an Enterprise Zig Beetle as they look so natural, even the experts like this wily old fish can’t spot its an imitation!!

Ant Ballard. New Improved Imitation Dog Biscuit.

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The all new and improved Imitation Dog Biscuit is considerably smaller compared to its previous counterpart. Making this new version a much closer match in size to actual chum mixers. The Imitation Dog Biscuit sits nice and low in the water just like a real waterlogged mixer; and these two factors combined make it significantly harder for the carp to pick out and potential reject the your hook bait.
They incorporate a foam insert and split shot combination, which when used in conjunction with the recommended hook sizes, provides perfect counterbalance every time. Ensuring the hook always sits proud above the waterline. Completely out of view of those wary and suspecting carp.
This, and the additional feature of tapered sides, drastically increases their stability. So these are great even on choppy water.