Sylvain Rouillon First Fish On The New Large Corn.

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Beginning of the year overworked , I have to organize myself to fish . 2 sticks, some boilies , mix stick and go  to a lake near my home to a shoal of pretty fish and crowded tree and branch allows a surgical approach to the area holding fish.


Sylvain Rouillon 22lb Mirror
Fishing in the edge in submerged trees, a discreet approach but strong tackle because reels have the brakes fully on .
Nylon line head 60 ° ° on a body line 40 ° ° , long shank hook # 8 strong iron with 1 or 2 off Enterprises New Large Corn pop up yellow and white.
On the bottom line of a stick of crushed boilies only, 5 6 14mm boilies soaked in Butyric acid N to start with a few pellets of 3mm.
The first day after I take my first  Carp 22lbs after 40min , time that will not give me anything more, but super happy .
The second day will have to wait 30min for the first fish that will result in a break in the branches. 30 min later a mirror carp of 16lbs join the net and another in the wake of 13lbs .
A nice observation allows us to say that in a few hours it is still possible to fish if we fish where the carp are …

Sylvain Rouillon.

Check out Sylvains youtube clip on the large corn

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