The Frank Warwick Immortals Range

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A range of indestructible imitation hook baits, incorporating some of Frank’s most successful flavour/colour combinations & additives.

Available in Sweetcorn, Bread Pellets & 10mm Boilies.

RRP: Sweetcorn & Bread Pellets £2.30, 10mm Boilies £2.60

Frank Warwick Immortals BaitsFrank Warwick says:

“To some anglers taking the leap of faith and turning to artificial hook baits is quite a step, especially an unflavoured type! With this in mind we set about creating the perfect mimic, both in appearance, smell and taste, to tick all the right boxes, so to speak. The experienced anglers who saw the prototypes of these everlasting-go anywhere hook baits, were amazed that they were not real perfect food hook baits!

The blend of carefully chosen flavours, stimulants and feeding triggers used, makes carp compelled to sample them.

When a 10mm hook bait is required unless you go to a great deal of effort and experimentation you can easily have a hook bait that will go soft, loose buoyancy, split etc. The Immortals are just that, they retain absolute constant buoyancy, are pest and crayfish proof, retain perfect colour and attraction. They also work fantastically well as the top half of a snowman set up over a more subtle food bait!

The bread pellets are ultra soft buoyant and will take a flavour very well. I would use these for zig rigs, surface fishing or on a chod rig. Other uses could include using with a PVA bag of liquidised bread, tipping off boilies, pellets etc, or try glueing maggots to one to produce a fantastic medusa rig.

Try them you won’t be disappointed”.


Product Codes: See Table below.      

Quantity: See Table below.

BaitColourFlavourQuantityET Product Code
SweetcornYellowPineapple &
N-Butyric Acid
SweetcornOff YellowScopex & Peach10ET13IYSP
Bread PelletWhiteUnflavoured10ET56
10mm BoilieYellowPineapple &
N-Butyric Acid
10mm BoilieRedMonster Squid8ET57R
10mm BoilieOrangeTutti Fruity8ET57O
10mm BoilieWhiteCaramel8ET57W
10mm BoilieFluoro YellowScopex & Peach8ET57FY
10mm BoilieYellowUnflavoured8ET57YUF
10mm BoilieMixed Colours
Red, Yellow,
Fluoro Yellow
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