• Quick Spikes with Sight Stops

  • mix-n-match-flavours-promo

    Mix 'n' Match Classic Flavours

    NEW for 2016

    Find out more about our new Mix 'n' Match Classic Flavours and Colours
    A selection of our full Popup Corn Colour range and Classic Flavours range from the top bait flavourists, as used by many top anglers..... here for you to choose to mix to create your very individual custom color and flavour combination.

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  • Find out more about  ET73 Lupin Beans

    Washed out colour range

    New for 2016

    New for 2016 our Popup Sweetcorn
    and 15mm Eternal Boilies available
    in a 'Washed Out' colour range

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  • The Confectionery Range

    NEW for 2016

    Three great new confectionery
    flavour additions to our
    Classic Flavour Corn Range.

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  • ET13F Classic Flavour's Corn


    Find out more about our new ET13 Classic
    CC Moore Flavour's Pop Up Sweetcorn.

    A selection of Classic CC
    Moore flavours .....Frankfurter, Salmon,Chocolate Malt,
    Blackcurrant, Belachan, Plum and Green Lipped Mussel.

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  • Find out more about  ET73 Lupin Beans

    ET73 - Imitation Lupin Beans


    A favourite with continental
    angler’s, Lupin beans are now
    gaining popularity in the UK

    with carp and specialist angler’s
    looking to gain an edge!

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  • ET72 Zig Beetles Have Hatched


    ET72 Zig Beetles are now flying of the shelf
    So get round to your local tackle dealers early
    as they will be 'landing' in one near you shortly.....


    More details here

  • Ian Welch uses Enterprise ET68 pellet skins for barbel

    ET68 Pellet Skins


    Used by top specialists Ian Welch & Alan Stagg
    Enterprise Pellet Skins will make fishing pellets
    simpler and offer the chance to load them with paste...

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  • ET70 15mm Half Boilies

    ET70 15mm Half Boilies


    Used by Frank Warwick
    Enterprise 15mm Half Boilies help bridge the gap
    between an imitation and a real food source bait...

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  • new enterprise junior angle

    Imitation Corn and Hairstop's

    Find out more about this new Soft buoyant imitation corn impregnated with attractors, plus integrated hair stop system. .....
    Also available in a Sinking version

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  • Imitation Baits Selection Boxes

    Find out more about our new Imitation Baits Selection Boxes, Carp  Box, Popup Corn Box and Coarse Box.

    A selection of our best Imitation Baits as used by many top anglers including  Ian Welch, Joe Morgan, Frank Warwick, Alan Stagg, Julian Cundiff and Danny Fairbrass of Korda Developments.....all packaged in in dedicated clam shell pack.

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Welcome to Enterprise Tackle

Welcome to the new Enterprise Tackle website. We are the U.K’s leading manufacturer of imitation baits and make all our baits here in the U.K. We were the first company to produce the now legendary Popup Sweetcorn, and our baits are now widely used by many of Britain's and Europe's top carp and specialist angler's. Over the years as our range has grown many thousands of specimen carp, bream and tench have fallen to our baits, including British record carp, grass carp and bream.

However as with most successful products there are those that choose to copy, and now many of the major companies produce copies of our products, most made in the far east. Don't be fooled into thinking that these baits will catch you more fish, just because they come from a big name brand, they won't. All our baits are impregnated with our special mix of attractants that leach out attracting fish. This combined with our vast knowledge of plastics and attention to detail, is the reason we believe we are arguably the market leader in imitation baits, with our baits consistently out fishing those of our competitors.

As well as our imitation baits we also produce an innovative range of terminal tackle and accessories. Items such as our nightlite adaptors for quiver and rod tips, adjuster stops, protect-a-beads and snag safe lead clips, are now standard kit for thousands of chub and barbel angler's. Unfortunately few shops choose to stock many of our products other than our most popular imitation baits, so we do offer you opportunity to purchase direct from us. We would however suggest you try your local stockist first, as many will order items in if asked.

Finally I would like to mention and thank our consultants who continue to help us test and develop new products, and promote us through their media and magazine work. On the carp side we have Frank Warwick, Myles Gascoyne, Julian Cundiff and Antony Ballard, and on the coarse/specialist side there's Alan Stagg.

Enterprise Celebrate 20 Years of Making Quality Imitation Bait

Enterprise Tackle celebrates 20 years of imitation bait this year - having produced more than 25 million pieces of fake sweetcorn!

More about our 20 years

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Enterprise Say - Support Your Local Tackleshop

Whilst we are providing the opportunity for you to purchase our
products from the website, Enterprise Tackle would ask that you
support your local tackle shops and buy our goods from them.
If you are unable to purchase what you need then please do use
our online shop or ask the shop to stock the item!