7lb chub for Alan Stagg.

Faced with mild conditions and low water levels I had an urge to try and track down a large chub.  I headed off to my local River Loddon and after walking the river settled into a swim I knew well and I quickly got sorted before darkness fell.

Two rods were rigged up with identical mag-aligner setups incorporating an Enterprise Tackle mag-aligner grub slid over the shank of my size 12 Mugga hook.  Combined with a long braided hook length this creates a devastating rig for chub and one I have a lot of confidence in.  Two white maggots were nicked onto the hook before a large PVA bag of maggots was added to the rig and swung mid river.
Once I had two rods in position I sat back hoping for the one bite I was after.  Several hours after casting a couple of good fish rolled downstream, indicating fish were in the area.  It was no surprise when the downstream rod pulled over and picking up the rod I bumped a fish.  I cursed my bad luck and feeling tired I soon packed up with my tail firmly between my legs.
I returned the following evening hoping to settle the score.  Adopting the same tactics, I soon had two rigs positioned mid river.  The evening was almost a carbon copy of the day before and after hearing a couple of fish roll downstream one of the tips pulled over.
Picking up the rod I knew a big chub was responsible and I played it gingerly praying it wouldn’t fall off!  After a few hairy moments at the net I soon scoped up my prize.  Shining my head touch into the net I was greeted by the rubbery lips of a big old chub.
Carefully laying the fish on the mat, the fish looked a chunk and I wasn’t disappointed when the scales settled on 7lb 3oz.  After a couple of pics I returned the fish to the river, another success to the mag-aligner!