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Imitation Casters Best By Test

By imitation-master | May 9, 2012

As an independent field tester I have tried and tested virtually every artificial caster that has been released over the past decade. Some offer zero buoyancy, other look identical to the real thing and there have been some that I wouldn’t put within a million miles of my hook. No matter how many versions I’ve…

niteglow zig baits

ET62N Zig Rig/Surface Bait Niteglow

By imitation-master | April 25, 2012

Super soft buoyant imitation bait specially designed for zig rigs and surface fishing. Also Available in Black, Red, Chum Mixer, Yellow and a Mixed pack of colours. RRP. £2.85     

Why use imitation baits?

By imitation-master | April 24, 2012

The most common question we are asked is why should I use an imitation or plastic bait, when surely a natural bait must be more attractive to fish? There are several key points as to  why they work so well, and often prove more successful than a natural bait. 1) Durability – Perhaps the key…

frank warwick common

Plastic Fantastic

By imitation-master | April 24, 2012

I guess I first saw plastic carp baits when I was at the World Carp Classic at Madine more than 12 years ago,  if memory serves me correctly Partridge were giving away free samples to all the competitors in the competition at the post match presentation. Only sweetcorn was available at that time but it…

Welchy’s Rig Secrets – 2. The Chub Maggot Feeder

By imitation-master | April 20, 2012

2. The Chub Maggot Feeder Chub are the ultimate omnivores, they will eat just about anything, but the one bait which stands head and shoulders above all of the others is the humble maggot. Providing you have a little time, and indeed patience, to feed a swim then there is no chub that swims which…


Welchy’s Rig Secrets – 1. The Caster Cluster

By imitation-master | April 20, 2012

1. The Caster Cluster When it comes to tench fishing there is no doubt at all in my mind that there is no bait to beat casters. It doesn’t matter whether you are fishing quiet estate lakes, meres and natural venues, big windswept gravel pits, commercials or small pools if you are after tench and…

frank warwick mirror carp

Flavoured Plastic

By imitation-master | April 17, 2012

I have to be honest with you and say that I am a little surprised when I hear anglers occasionally say they prefer unflavoured plastic to the flavoured variety! Because on virtually every water where I’ve fished and done my usual comparison tests I have certainly found this not to be my finding, I would…

alan stagg january perch

3lb 15oz perch on flavoured prawns

By imitation-master | April 17, 2012

The weather at the start and middle of January has been exceptionally mild  and when we look back to this time last year it couldn’t have been anymore different.  This month has again seen me targeting different species and I started by trying to bag a few carp from a local water fishing short evening…

alan stagg 7lb+ chub

7lb 6oz chub on a Mag-aligner

By imitation-master | April 17, 2012

What a month December has been and compared with last year the weather couldn’t have been anymore different.  The mild weather and lack of frosts has meant the fish have stayed active and feeding.  Luckily I have managed a bit of time on the bank this month, but not as much as I would have…

alan stagg nov barbel

Barbel and carp on imitation pellets

By imitation-master | April 16, 2012

After catching a big perch last month I was a little lost on what to target next.  I had planned to visit the venue most of the winter and with the long drive back and forth I was expecting a long haul.  It was great to get this fish off the ‘hit list’ and there…


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