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Mike Madeley Enterprise A Perfect Edge…

By imitation-master | June 28, 2016

Having an edge or doing something different with your bait can certainly pay off, especially on pressured lakes, were generally anglers are using same tactics, we all do it, if it works why change, but sometimes a change in how your bait is presented or looks can be that little edge needed for a bite.

Alan Stagg The Quest For A Big Pike.

By imitation-master | December 9, 2015

During the late autumn months I often find myself packing away my barbel and chub kit for the season as in recent years I have found myself spending most of the colder winter months in search of big pike. Pursuing big pike can become very addictive and when targeting any species to specimen sizes it…

Stuart Sharpe Noddy meets Heidi; and the death of another tench water.

By imitation-master | December 9, 2015

It was a rainy Tuesday morning, as ever I was sitting and staring out of the window and searching for inspiration. What next? My tench fishing for the year was already over; I’d spent the last two months chasing shadows. Chris says I spend my time fishing for imaginary tench. Well sometimes it works out…

Goffrey Koch Joins Team Enterprise

By imitation-master | September 26, 2015

Just a few lines to introduce a new face to the Team Enterprise. We welcome Geoffrey Koch, a carp angler from eastern France who is to provide further support to our development team. An angler for over 28 years and adept in all aspects of carp fishing, Geoffrey will be providing his long term experiences…

June/July 2015 – Reviewed

By imitation-master | September 8, 2015

After putting my landing net under a PB crucian in May my thoughts turned straight away to targeting a potential PB carp. I had a water available that contained a “50”, and at the right time of year could possibly hold two or even potentially three “50s” prior to spawning; so was clearly the place…

April/May 2015 – Reviewed

By imitation-master | September 8, 2015

My fishing in April was all about one session really, the rest of the month being a bit of a ‘non-starter’. Fortunately plenty happened during the 4 night session, so the results kept me satisfied for a while. The trip was scheduled in the first week of the month, starting mid-week on the Wednesday afternoon…

Tony Gibson Joins The Enterprise Consultant Team

By imitation-master | August 5, 2015

Enterprise welcome Tony to the Consultants Team. Tony has a long history of catching a wide variety of specimens from a wide variety of species. We look forward to him contributing his knowledge and ideas to our development of new and innovative imitation baits and tackle in the future. Hopefully he will be contributing some…

Alan Stagg Attention to Detail.

By imitation-master | June 9, 2015

Last autumn and early part of this winter and I have been bang into my barbel fishing. After gaining a ticket to a rather special stretch of a Thames Tributary, I have dedicated a fair amount of my time trying to track down and catch some of its big, yet nomadic residents.

Alan Stagg How I won the Drennan Cup .

By imitation-master | June 9, 2015

June During the early part of spring I had a burning desire to catch a big bream. As the weather seemed favourable I decided to start my campaign early and got the rods out at the end of March. The pit in question had a track record of producing big fish, and although I knew…

ET74 Glow Stops

By imitation-master | May 13, 2015

Ideal for both coarse and sea angler’s, these soft luminous Glow Stops will add extra visual attraction to your rigs and lures. RRP. £1.99


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