Ant Ballard. New Improved Imitation Dog Biscuit.

The all new and improved Imitation Dog Biscuit is considerably smaller compared to its previous counterpart. Making this new version a much closer match in size to actual chum mixers. The Imitation Dog Biscuit sits nice and low in the water just like a real waterlogged mixer; and these two factors combined make it significantly…

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Ant Ballard. 29lb 7oz Common.

I’ve been plugging away on my syndicate for a fair while now.  Chasing Carp shadows around the 42acre gin clear pit without much to show for my efforts. I’ve had nights of endless liners, and obvious signs of fish in my zones, but everything I tried failed to elicit a response. If anything I’m sure…

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Ant Ballard. A little bit more…….

ant ballard with 39lb-common

Following a fair few of my ‘much younger’ years spent fishing on the match scene,  I soon found myself on more carp orientated venues, and for two years I could regularly be found on the banks at Tri-lakes Country Park; Where I enjoyed success both during the warmer months and during the coldest of winters.…

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