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ET34 15mm Eternal Boilies Washed Out Range.

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Our new washed out range of 15mm imitation boilies have been designed to give the modern day angler maximum flexibility when creating rigs to fool wary fish. Designed to match the colour of some of the most popular bolies when they became ‘washed out’ and are deemed safer to eat by wary fish. The new range also includes beige to match the ever popular Cell.

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Alan Stagg The Quest For A Big Pike.

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During the late autumn months I often find myself packing away my barbel and chub kit for the season as in recent years I have found myself spending most of the colder winter months in search of big pike. Pursuing big pike can become very addictive and when targeting any species to specimen sizes it is important to have access to the right venues. Venues that most importantly hold the size of fish you wish to catch.

Alan Stagg How I won the Drennan Cup .

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During the early part of spring I had a burning desire to catch a big bream. As the weather seemed favourable I decided to start my campaign early and got the rods out at the end of March. The pit in question had a track record of producing big fish, and although I knew the fishing would be difficult, I knew it was the place to be.