Biodegradable products launched for 2020!

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We are excited to announce that this year we have started adding a biodegradable additive to our baits and rig gear items, which will make them truly biodegradable. The items will be introduced over the coming months and  will be identified by a round sticker on the front of the packaging.  

We feel that as the leaders in imitation carp/coarse baits, it’s very important for us to send out a strong message by making our baits biodegradable. Trials determined that the baits looked and felt exactly the same as previous, and catch reports also confirmed their effectiveness has not altered in any way. Despite the added cost of the additive we have not increased the RRP of our products, as we feel the benefits to the environment, and the positive message we will be sending out, far outweigh any financial gain. For us perhaps the best news, is knowing that our waste from the production process that goes to landfill, will now break down within a few years, rather than taking hundreds of years.  

The additive speeds up the biodegrading process by up to 200 times. Parts containing it have been proven to biodegrade in landfill, compost, fresh and also salt water. In landfill, for example, most products which contain it will biodegrade in less than 3 years.

Biodegradable means the total breakdown of a product (by icroorganisms) to something found in nature. This product is scientifically proven to break plastic products down completely by increasing the level of hydrophilicity in the plastic and returning it to nature in a short period of time. But don’t worry about them breaking down in your tackle box. The product will only start to biodegrade if lost to the environment, or sent to landfill.

Alan Stagg A New Lease Of Life.

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ScenicDuring the summer of 2015 a new syndicate was being planned in the carp mecca of Yateley. Alan Cooper (CWA Fisheries) had purchased a lake known as Little Moulsham during the CEMX sale of fisheries in 2014/2015.  Word was some vast improvements had been made to the venue, so it was certainly seemed wise to have a closer look.

Alan Stagg The Quest For A Big Pike.

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During the late autumn months I often find myself packing away my barbel and chub kit for the season as in recent years I have found myself spending most of the colder winter months in search of big pike. Pursuing big pike can become very addictive and when targeting any species to specimen sizes it is important to have access to the right venues. Venues that most importantly hold the size of fish you wish to catch.

Alan Stagg How I won the Drennan Cup .

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During the early part of spring I had a burning desire to catch a big bream. As the weather seemed favourable I decided to start my campaign early and got the rods out at the end of March. The pit in question had a track record of producing big fish, and although I knew the fishing would be difficult, I knew it was the place to be.


Alan Stagg 2014 Round Up.

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At the start of the 2014 season I had a good think about what I wanted to try and achieve.  For me I get the most enjoyment and satisfaction targeting big fish, so I decided that I would only fish venues that would give the chance of a monster.


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