The Year So Far

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As per usual my seasons fishing so far has been a bit random and varied,I tend to get invitations to attend various big carp matches and events both in the UK and further a field abroad.
After enjoying a few nice sessions on one of my all time favourite venues Kingfisher lake on the Bluebell complex near Peterborough and managing carp up to 39.6 I was off to a pleasing start to my adventures and happy with my quick results.

Normal Service has been Resumed…

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This time last year I was still fishing in a T-shirt and can vividly remember bemoaning the fact that there was no sign of a ‘proper’ winter; in fact I seem to remember writing in mid-December that we had yet to see a frost!

What a difference a year makes…


Ant Ballard. 29lb 7oz Common.

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I’ve been plugging away on my syndicate for a fair while now.  Chasing Carp shadows around the 42acre gin clear pit without much to show for my efforts. I’ve had nights of endless liners, and obvious signs of fish in my zones, but everything I tried failed to elicit a response. If anything I’m sure I’ve been done a few times and have actually been tweaking my rigs hoping for a change of fortune.

Where have all the Barbel Gone?

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Well OK, they have not so much ‘gone’ on my local rivers but they are certainly not where they should be and the anglers who have been catching well during the first couple of months of the season have not always been those you might expect. Indeed if you were a complete barbel novice I reckon, on the smaller venues at least, you may have be able to hold your own against the more experienced barbel anglers.

Cracking Corn Aligner.

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Jim Gibbinson’s original line aligner remains one of the important ‘breakthrough’ rigs in modern times, second only to the hair rig some would say, and I don’t think I would argue with that. In fact I remember vividly being a young kid in the small audience of the talk when Jim first unveiled the rig (my copies of his books in hand, nervously awaiting my chance to ask my hero for his signature!).The mechanics of the rig have been tweaked and adapted in more recent times and have formed the basis of a number of different carp rigs but the original theory is still just as effective, and with the Enterprise Tackle Mag-aligner grubs, still the first choice for winter maggot fishing for carp.

Stacks Of Bream.

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When it comes to catching bream, as any carp angler will tell you, it‘s hard to find a bait they do not like and will not take; in fact if anyone ever invents a bream-free bait they stand to make a fortune.

Poor Beginnings.

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The beginning of the river season can be a real pain!

The main problem, at least as far as barbel fishing is concerned, is that many of the fish are not properly out of ‘spawning mode’ come June 16 and rather than being distributed throughout the river in their usual holding areas many of the fish are still in and around the spawning sites and, depending upon conditions, it can take days or even weeks for them to slowly filter back to ‘normal’.

The Wettest April on Record.

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The wettest April on record and so far the month of May has been just as bad, certainly here where I am on the Surrey Hampshire border there has not been a whole 24 hour period without rain since the end of March! Yes, we do need it and yes, the rivers are in cracking shape but until someone has the sense to change the close season legislation it’s not possible to take advantage of it!

Imitation Casters Best By Test

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As an independent field tester I have tried and tested virtually every artificial caster that has been released over the past decade. Some offer zero buoyancy, other look identical to the real thing and there have been some that I wouldn’t put within a million miles of my hook.

No matter how many versions I’ve tested, I still haven’t been able to find an artificial caster that will out perform the Enterprise Tackle option.

Why use imitation baits?

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The most common question we are asked is why should I use an imitation or plastic bait, when surely a natural bait must be more attractive to fish? There are several key points as to  why they work so well, and often prove more successful than a natural bait.

1) Durability – Perhaps the key factor is their durability. The plastics we use to produce our baits is very tough, even the really soft compound we use for our imitation maggots. This makes it almost impossible for a fish to remove it from a hook or hair rig, ensuring the angler always has a bait intact. Not so with a natural bait such as maggots, casters, sweetcorn etc that are easily attacked by small fish long before a larger specimen finds them.

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