Welchy’s Rig Secrets – 2. The Chub Maggot Feeder

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2. The Chub Maggot Feeder

Chub are the ultimate omnivores, they will eat just about anything, but the one bait which stands head and shoulders above all of the others is the humble maggot.

Providing you have a little time, and indeed patience, to feed a swim then there is no chub that swims which you will not catch as they just cannot help themselves and rather like a kid in a sweetshop no matter how much they know they shouldn’t they just can’t help themselves – and once they start they just cannot stop.

Where is winter?

Written by Top Imitator on . Posted in Articles, Chub

ian welch chub fishing

Welchy wonders what has happened to his favourite season as he starts to get amongst the chub.

As I sit down to write this, the first of my blogs for the new Enterprise Tackle website, it is the beginning of December and yet down here in my part of the world, on the Hampshire / Surrey border, we have yet to see a frost! Not only has the temperature not dipped below zero but my bedside weather station (a must-have for accurate weather prediction) shows that the coldest it has been during the last month is 2.5C and the warmest an almost sultry 19C. As an angler who delights in winter river fishing above all other aspects of our sport it has, so far, been a complete write off!

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