The Balancing Act.

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This year has seen many tackle manufacturers trying to join the plastic revolution, bringing out all manner of bits and pieces. This means that Enterprise Tackle really had to step it up a notch this year in order to stay the biggest and the best in the market, in my opinion they have raised the bar considerably with the new products that are set to take the market by storm.



Lovely Chubbly

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Thursday Morning at 8:30am

As I arrived at my local River Kennet at 8:30am, Sun shining (For a Change)  I immediately knew that the River will be very high and extremely coloured then normal all because of the recent snow melt and constant rain we have been having, as I starred upon the river I saw a lot of debris going down and just imagining how much natural food is passing by for the fish so I new that the fish will maybe a little more eager to feed.


Enterprise Say - Support Your Local Tackleshop

Whilst we are providing the opportunity for you to purchase our
products from the website, Enterprise Tackle would ask that you
support your local tackle shops and buy our goods from them.
If you are unable to purchase what you need then please do use
our online shop or ask the shop to stock the item!