The Frank Warwick Immortals Range ET57N 10mm Niteglow Boilies

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When a 10mm hook bait is required, unless you go to a great deal of effort and experimentation, you can easily have a hook bait that will go soft, loose buoyancy or split. The Immortal Range Boilies are just that, immortal, retaining 100% buoyancy, are pest and crayfish proof, retain perfect colour and attraction. A Niteglow version of our imitation boilies that have been designed to give the modern day angler maximum flexibility when creating rigs to fool wary fish.

RRP. £2.99

ET61N Niteglow Worms.

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After 12 months of testing across all angling disciplines, Enterprise Tackle is delighted to reveal the latest addition to its portfolio of products. The Niteglow Worms in Neon Green utilise the same advanced technology seen in the development of the successful Niteglow Corn.


RRP. £2.85     

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