Carp fishing in Thailand has really caught on!

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Over the past year or so the carp fishing in Thailand has really caught on. Fish in excess of 100lb are not uncommon, and in fact several over this figure have been landed at Gilhams Fishing Resort, Krabi.

Giant Siamese Carp are very different to our European strain of carp, as they tend to be more filter type feeding fish than their cold water counterparts. These fish have huge mouths and they vacuum natural food in the lakes very easily. It is not uncommon for us to fish for these huge fish with Leam ground bait, and for them to get so preoccupied with the constant cloud in the water, that they take everything other than the hook bait.

Opportunist holiday and business trip fishing

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Everyone loves to go on holiday, or travel to new countries. Whether it’s a planned fishing trip, or family holiday, we all get that ‘Rush’ when it comes to seeing different lakes, rivers or canals, no matter where they are.

I’ve been lucky to have visited all continents and many countries, some for holiday, and some for business. The bottom of my suitcase is always packed the same, travel rod, small fixed spool reel, case of lures, and a bits box with a few terminal bits in. Included in this terminal box is a box that contains a few Enterprise plastic baits for hook baits. Think about it, bait that doesn’t deteriorate in the sun, doesn’t smell, always looks bright and fresh, and mimics a bait that can be so hard to find on distant travels.

Team East Asia Joins the Enterprise Consultants Team

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Enmark-hoy-asian-carp-002terprise welcome the guys from Fish East Asia to the Consultants Team and to bring a new dimension to the use for our Imitation Baits for the more exotic species found in the lakes, rivers of the the Asian continent.

They catch some pretty astounding species at weights we can only imagine, and hopefully we can learn from their experience whilst they benefit from the quality of the original imitations we pioneered.

Hopefully they can contribute to what gets caught on our imitations in their trips and that these will both entertain our visitors and perhaps inspire you to think about what they offer.

You can read more about the team in Meet Our Consultants page.