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As an independent field tester I have tried and tested virtually every artificial caster that has been released over the past decade. Some offer zero buoyancy, other look identical to the real thing and there have been some that I wouldn’t put within a million miles of my hook.

No matter how many versions I’ve tested, I still haven’t been able to find an artificial caster that will out perform the Enterprise Tackle option.

Michael Koester

Written by Top Imitator on . Posted in Testimonials

From our German Consultant – Michael Koester

Michael Koester with imitation caught German carpFor the last few years I have fished with plastic baits form Enterprise Tackle and my results are awesome. I fish mostly German gravel pits and also fish in France and in the states. My favourite tactic is to fish a normal bottom bait tipped by a yellow corn (N-buytric Pinnaple ) all fished in a solid PVA bag.

For me, another great Enterprise Tackle bait is the tiger nut pop-up fished with a real one over some crushed tigers.

There is no doubt that Enterprise Tackle makes the best artificial baits on the market and there are many other products which I use in my daily fishing.

The 10mm yellow everlasting Pop Ups is a great weapon, particularly when fishing in France and have to deal with Poisson Chat.

Thanks Chris for the great products!

Enclosed are a few whackers I caught this year. (See Michael’s fish in the Enterprise Gallery)

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