June/July 2015 – Reviewed

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After putting my landing net under a PB crucian in May my thoughts turned straight away to targeting a potential PB carp. I had a water available that contained a “50”, and at the right time of year could possibly hold two or even potentially three “50s” prior to spawning; so was clearly the place to concentrate my efforts on while trying to better my PB of 45.02. The gravel pit was fished by members, but also open to day tickets and because of the size of the carp it contained it was always busy and targeted by plenty of very capable carp anglers. The carp were therefore well “clued up” and the water classed as “tricky” at the best of times, but by all accounts it seemed as though this year in particular the carp were proving extra difficult.

tony-gibson-june-july-review-03My initial efforts did nothing to dispel the “difficult” tag and I was “blanking” in fine style. However the time spent at the pit wasn’t wasted as there was always something to learn and I had also noticed that the tench that were often to be seen rolling close in, especially early in the morning, appeared to be of a good average size. A few years ago when I’d done some fishing on the same water I’d seen a load of the tench following each other about in the clear margins as they got ready for spawning, but at the time they hadn’t looked to be anything special size-wise. However it looked as though they might have grown on a bit since then and after quizzing some of the regular carpers it seemed as though the tench were very rarely caught, but of a good average size, with one of the tench caught the previous year weighing into ‘double figures’.

April/May 2015 – Reviewed

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My fishing in April was all about one session really, the rest of the month being a bit of a ‘non-starter’. Fortunately plenty happened during the 4 night session, so the results kept me satisfied for a while.

The trip was scheduled in the first week of the month, starting mid-week on the Wednesday afternoon and going through to the Sunday morning of the Easter Bank Holiday weekend. There were two target species to aim for, as Mallard Lake on the Bluebell complex has a handful of specimen bream as well as plenty of fast growing carp in the low “doubles” to scrapper 30’s bracket. With the bream being so rare I was planning on fishing for the carp and simply hoping that a bream might make an appearance.

It was already quite busy when I arrived, but there was a swim available that I quite fancied, as it contained a slightly shallower plateau that rose up in front of it from the deeper water in the swims on either side. Casting around a marker float soon had the central area of the plateau located and marked up, while a few casts with just a lead on one of the ‘proper’ rods informed me that the area felt very clean and a perfect area to concentrate the majority of the hookbaits and the main bulk of my intended feed. To kick things off half a bucketful of loosefeed consisting of lots of hemp, some of it containing small snails, mixed boilie chops, whole 10mm Source and crumbed Red-Amo boilies, mixed sized pellets and some flavored sweetcorn was “spombed” out over the spot.

Tony Gibson Joins The Enterprise Consultant Team

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tony-gibson-001Enterprise welcome Tony to the Consultants Team. Tony has a long history of catching a wide variety of specimens from a wide variety of species.

We look forward to him contributing his knowledge and ideas to our development of new and innovative imitation baits and tackle in the future.

Hopefully he will be contributing some insights into what he is doing and catching on any of our products, so keep an eye on his Blog pages.