ET13F Classic Popup Sweetcorn Range

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Our ‘Classic Flavour Popup Sweetcorn Range’ is a range of buoyant imitation corn hook baits in liquid flavour, incorporating some of the most successful flavours and additives of all time..


RRP: £3.25

Frank Warwick says:

“I have found through extensive field testing over the years, that results have been consistently better with the flavoured corn, compared to the plain version. There is very little doubt in my mind that besides the obvious visual attraction, the fish are much more inclined to sample the flavoured corn when it triggers their olfactory receptors (much the same as the smell of food makes us feel more inclined to eat).

We have selected a range of some of the greatest flavours ever, to bring you the very best options to improve your baits pulling power. These baits work either on their own, over particles, or tipping any type of boilie from food baits to single high attract hook baits. In fact virtually any hook bait will be dramatically improved with their inclusion.

Give them a try, you won’t be disappointed”.

Typical ET13F Classic Popup Corn rigs

Product Code: ET13F (plus flavour code)       

Quantity: 8 baits per pack

CompanyFlavourColoursET Product Code
SolarEsterblend 12YellowET13FE
SolarPear of BananasFluoro YellowET13FPB
SolarEster Cream & ScopexWhiteET13FEC
SolarEster PineappleYellowET13FEP
RichworthsTutti FruttiOrangeET13FTF
RichworthsPeach Tropicano +
N-Butyric Acid
Fluoro OrangeET13FPT
NutrabaitsGarlic MintFluoro GreenET13FGM
NutrabaitsCranberry +
N-Butyric Acid
Fluoro RedET13FC
NutrabaitsSweet SpiceYellowET13FSS
NutrabaitsWonderfruitFluoro PinkET13FW
EnterpriseMonster CrabYellowET13FMC
EnterpriseCandyfloss & BetalinPink &
Washed out Blue
EnterpriseBanoffeeWashed out Yellow &
EnterpriseCoconut CreamWashed out Beige &
Rod HutchinsonMulberry FlorentineYellow & PurpleET13FHMF
Rod HutchinsonNouvelle FizzMixed FluoroET13FHN
Rod HutchinsonMonster CrabYellow & RedET13FHMC
Rod HutchinsonMegaspiceYellow & OrangeET13FHM
CC MooreBelachanYellowET13FCCB
CC MooreChocolate MaltWhiteET13FCCC
CC MooreBlackcurrantYellow & PurpleET13FCCBC
CC MooreSalmonYellow & Fluoro PinkET13FCCS
CC MooreFrankFurterYellow & Fluoro RedET13FCCF
CC MoorePlumYellow & Bright PurpleET13FCCP
CC MooreGreen Lipped MusselFluoro Green &
HindersBetalinYellow & WhiteET13HBYW
HindersBetalinMixed FluoroET13HBF
Carp CompanyCaviar & CranberryYellow & Icelandic Red ColourET13FCC
Carp CompanyCondensed Milk & Golden Corn OilYellow & WhiteET13FCM

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