ET40B Bloodworm Hook Skins

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Designed primarily to disguise the bare hook when using hair rigged baits, hook skins resemble bloodworms which form part of a fishes natural diet.

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By imitating a natural bloodworm and eliminating glint from the sun, their use could give the angler an advantage when targeting hook shy, wary fish. We recommend using in conjunction with our artificial bloodworms. They can also be used on there own as a larger bloodworm bait.

Place the bloodworm in a loop formed in the hook length, pull tight and knot. Attach to the hook with a knotless knot. Thread a hook skin onto a sharp pointed baiting needle, bringing the needle out the side 5mm from the end. Keeping the hook length taught, slide the hook skin down and carefully over the hook eye and along the shank to form the finished rig.


Product Code: ET40B

Quantity: 24 per pack.

Order Bloodworm Hook skins Regular Pack @ £1.99

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