ET55 Sweetcorn Hairstops

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Our buoyant sweetcorn hair stops combine the fish attracting properties of our imitation corn, with the convenience of an easy to use hair stop, eliminating the need for a traditional dumbbell type stop.

RRP. £2.60     

Ideal for use with boilies, pellets, nuts etc, acting as a sight tag to further enhance their attraction, a tactic that many of the country’s top carp angler’s have adopted. Their buoyancy helps to counterbalance the weight of the hook bait, increasing the chances of a pick up.
Directions for use:-
Simply place the sweetcorn hair stop, grooved side up, into the hair loop before pulling the hair tight, ensuring the loop sits in the bottom of the groove.
Combined hair and hair stop. Use instead of a traditional hair stop to enhance the attraction of boilies, pellets etc.

Available in Yellow,   Mixed Pack of (Red, Orange, White & Brown)

& Mixed Pack of Fluoro (Yellow, Red, Orange,Pink & Green).

Product Code: ET55

Quantity: 20 per pack.

Order Sweetcorn Hairstops Regular Pack @ £2.60

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