ET60 Kwik Strike Butt Grip

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Unique two part multi functional butt grip – rod lock, designed in collaboration with Frank Warwick.

RRP. £4.05

Enterprise quickstrike butt grip

The clip remains firmly attached to the rod allowing instant resistant free striking.
Available in two versions for Duplon/Cork  21mm to 27mm or Abbreviated handles 14mm to 18mm diameter. Includes a luminescent glow stick that can be replaced with a Hi Power 3mmØ x 15mm isotope (sold separately).

Frank Warwick says:

“In my opinion the available butt grips fell short in a number of areas such as when fishing with rods raised continental style, rods would slip. When snag fishing, fish can on violent takes pull the rod forward and occasionally even into the water, with this simple but effective system it will be a thing of the past. You can fish perfectly locked up yet not struggle to lift the rod from the butt grip unlike others! In effect it’s a multi functional rod lock anti slip grip, minimalist in size too, hope you like it!”

Product Code: ET60

Quantity: 1 per pack.

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