ET73 Imitation Lupin Bean

Buoyant imitation Lupin Bean ideal for use as a ‘wafter’ hook bait or to tip a boilie,that is resistant to the attentions of nuisance species including Crayfish.

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lupin bean yellow and whiteA favourite with continental angler’s Lupin bean are now gaining popularity in the UK with carp and specialist angler’s looking to gain an edge.

Our buoyant imitation Lupin beans make a great alternative bait to imitation corn. Their flatter profile makes them ideal for use as a ‘wafter’ hook bait, whether fished as a single stand alone bait, or over a bed of spod mix. Also ideal for tipping boilies pellets etc.


Pack Contains: Mixed small/medium pack 4 of each different size. Large pack 6.

Available in Yellow & White.

lupin bean rigs

How to set up useful rigs for the ET73 Imitation Lupin Beans


Product Code: ET73

Quantity: 4 of each small & medium baits per pack, 6 large baits per pack.