Grassy on green corn……

It was cold Saturday morning when Sam and I arrived at Framfield Specimen Lake. We decided to fish swims opposite each other. The weather was cloudy with light showers of rain.

Tom Warren and grassy on imitationsWe had a 2 rod approach with baits inc. Enterprise, corns, pellets, and boilies, Dynamite white chocolate coconut boilies and 4mm pellets. We used PVA solid bags and mesh with 4mm pellets inside and crushed boilies. Our rods were both positioned in tight margins and around snags. We chose to fish there as we saw many signs of active fish. With in around 30 minutes I had my first fish, it was a common carp of 3-4lb. It was in good condition and fought like 6-7lber, as most fish in Framfield are pure muscle.

At this time Sam was in with a reasonable carp after stalking in the lilies. Unfortunately it snapped him off in the snags. At this point the rain was very heavy and Sam was very wet because he forgot his brolly! A few minutes later he had another take and he again lost it to those sunken branches. Around 10 minutes later I had a very wet Sam Weedon in my swim asking for shelter! As the hours past, so did lots of rain.

At around 1:30 I had a storming run on my right hand rod which was positioned under an overhanging tree. As the fight continued I soon realised this fish was special. It was a grass carp. After an intense battle it weighed in at 13lb 4oz. A first for me as it was my first British grass carp. It was caught on a Dynamite white chocolate boilie tipped off with an Enterprise green corn stop.

At this point Sam was getting extremely restless and decided to move down onto the coarse lake, Brookhouse. I soon followed as the action had slowed down. We carried on to catch 3-4 fish each ranging from 3-8lb. They may not have been big but at least Weedon didn’t blank! As the darkness fell we had to leave but we knew that it wasn’t the end for the Specimen Lake.

Tom Warren

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