Johan Chambrier Back To The Source.

It’s always a pleasure to go back to the first lakes where I started carp fishing, it’s even better when it’s with a great friends.







End of august, Kevin, Ben and I decided to fish the lake where it all started years ago. It’s a nice litte lake containing a lot of grassies. We baiting up few days in advance several promising spots.We all used The Crave. (  1 lb to 3lb per day during 5 days).
My choice is the beach swim, when all the swimmers are gone, carp generally get excited by the cloudy water. One rig is going near an overhanging tree, another one at a few years on the sand patch and the last one goes on a little gravel patch. I used solid Pva Bags to try to get a quick bite. All bags are loaded with crushed boilies, 10mn bottom bait, some pellets and stick. On each hair, there’re a 15mn Crave tipped with a fake yellow corn from Enterprise tackle.
After a couple of hours, a run wakes me up. Slow take, long fight , it’s a nice grass carp. However, plenty of bream made the trip to my peg.  At Midnight, I reel in tie a bigger hook, longer hair and swap the small 15mm Crave for 3 to stop the bream. It works well, I landed several carp and grassies. We even had a double take, one of them was an amazing scaly mirror. We ended that great session : Ben had 2 fish, Kevin 5 fish and I caught 24 fish ! Happy days !