Earlier this year, I fished a lot a gravel pit near my home but results were poor. During 9 nights (  fishing 24h or 48h), I only caught one single carp…Few weeks ago, I decided to have another go to that gravel pit with the wish to bag more fish.

At the end of September, I pop to the lake to watch, plumb, dive and bait up a few spots. I select 3 spots : a little plateau of gravel at 15 yards, a gravel bar at 40 yards and a slope at 50 yards. For that session, I don’t hesitate a minute and choice to use (The Source) which is a proven bait for years now .  On the first day, I bait up 1kg of boilies and 5kg of pellets and partiblend for all 3 spots. On the second day, I dive to see if that baits are still here or not. Good surprise, all is gone ! I feel confident and excited. During the rest of the week, I used 2,5kg of boilies and 15kg of partiblend and pellets every day. I hope the carp will get confident to eat all this freebies without any fishing pressure.

D Day, I rush to the lake ! A hour after placing the rigs on the spots, I already had a run ! I landed a small mirror with a snowman ( Bottom bait The Source/Yellow Pineapple banana pop up)
A very good start, ideal to get ready for the rest of the session ! A few hours later, I landed another 2 commons and 2 massive breams. It’s raining and windy, excellent fishing conditions.
Early in the morning, I get another bite, it’s another nice common. 10 minutes later, single toner for a pretty mirror caught on a The Source boilie tipped with Enterprise fake corn. Fish just returning in the water, I get another bleep on another alarm. I strike and feel straight away It’s something very serious.
Fight is hard, slow and heavy, fish is very powerful, I can feel the shock leader does the job against the contours of the bottom. After long minutes, the fish finally breaks the surface at 10 yards but rush directly to a snag and get stuck. I jump in the water and carefully follow the fish. Lucky me, the fish swim away ! Wow ! Another few minutes later, it’s the net ! When I lift up the net, I knew it was a true lump. I m extremely glad, that stunning and well deserved fish is my new personal best, I m over the moon !