Congratulations Dan Giegerich, our first international winner.

This 35lb 15oz common was captured on a very difficult 5 acre southern Illinois reservoir, using Enterprise’s 12mm fluoro pink Eternal boilie soaked in strawberry and aniseed flavour.
To be honest I didn’t feel very confident as the weather conditions were terrible with the temperatures in the 90’s. I decided to fish a new spot near the deeper end of the reservoir, setting up between the shade of 2 river birch trees, I placed one rod about 20 feet out with the fluoro pink 12mm Eternal boilie on, and the other rod east towards the dam with a fluoro red 12mm Eternal boilie on.
Within an hour I had a steady take on the short range rod, after a 15 minute spirited battle I slipped the net under what I thought was smaller fish than it turned out to be. Once on the bank  and I’d seen the depth of the common carp and thought a 30! On the weigh mate scales to my surprise 35lb 15oz personnel best and a new lake record!
Thanks Enterprise for producing a bait that has helped me to catch fish I could never catch before.