Meet our Consultants

One of the most important part of developing and selling any angling product is consultation with anglers who will actually be those to use the bait, rig or accessory. Enterprise Tackle take this matter very seriously and are proud to have an excellent team of quality anglers providing a Consultants team. Detailed below are our current team of Consultants with a little bit about them.

They each have their own page on the Enterprise Tackle website and over the coming weeks, months and years we hope they will be providing tips, guides and articles about their fishing with Enterprise Imitaton Baits, and our our wider range of Accessories, Bait Presentation and Terminal Tackle products. Make sure you keep an eye on their Blogs.

Frank Warwick

Frank-Warwick Enterprise consultant

Frank's new book 'Every Bit of Blue' is now available from the

Frank’s new book ‘Every Bit of Blue’ is now available from the

Frank Warwick is something of a legend in carp fishing, and although not known for targeting large specific fish Frank’s  catches are legendary, with a reputation for catching on waters where others have failed.Frank has been carp fishing since 1970, a full 42 years and has European pb mirror was 62.4 PB European Common 59.6 British Mirror 43.1 British common 43.14 with many more specimens to his credit. Has been responsible for the design and development with Enterprise in creating the Fluoro and Niteglow range of corn and boilies. He is also a consultant for Trakker, Ultima, Delkim, and Century.

Frank became a household name while working for many years as a consultant for Dynamite Baits. The job took him all over Europe where he has become arguably the best known and most respected carp angler. Frank’s articles and DVD’s have inspired thousands of angler’s, and hopefully helped them put extra fish on the bank. Frank’s use of and belief in imitation baits has helped grow the huge popularity they currently have.

A quote from Frank on Enterprise Imitations: “I can’t even begin to count the number of carp I have caught on the Enterprise plastic baits” it’s simply amazing how effective they are.

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Alan Stagg

Alan Stagg Enterprise consultant

I have been fishing since my early teenage years.  Starting out catching anything that swims but my obsession soon grew and my love of pursuing big fish started.  My first attempt at the age of 13 produced a barbel weighing 13lb from the River Kennet in Berkshire.  From that point my desire has grown year on year in a bid to catch the biggest fish of different species I can. 

I have been lucky enough to catch a wide range of specimen coarse fish.  This includes 18lbs 6oz barbel, 8lb 5oz chub (four other 7lb plus fish), 4lbs 2oz crucian carp, 41lbs 2oz mirror carp, 39lbs 12oz common carp, roach 3lbs 8oz (nine weighing over 3lbs), rudd 2lbs 13oz (2lb fish 60+), perch 5lbs 4oz, pike 22lbs 8oz, 11lbs 4oz zander, catfish 45lbs 12oz, 10lbs 1oz tench and 16lbs 7oz bream to name just a few of my most memorable catches.

Much of my time is spent on low stock big fish waters pursuing outsized fish.  I love the build up to each and every capture and have a burning desire to improve each year.  Coming runner up in the prestigious Drennan Cup in 2010-2011 is certainly a highlight, I have been lucky enough to be voted in the top four three out of the last four years.  I have also contributed a chapter in the first book ‘Crock of Gold’ dedicated to the most precious of coarse fish the crucian carp.

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Martin Clarke

ET Consultant Martin Clark

I’ve fished almost exclusively for carp for over 30 years, mainly on syndicates, club venues and occasionally day ticket venues within a 100 mile radius from home. Having said that, I’ve also fished in Romania, Holland and France and plan to venture overseas again, in search of large carp.

With a UK mirror pb of 46.02lb, UK common of 43.10lb and an overseas pb mirror of 62.08lb I’m always on the lookout for my next pb, though so long as I’m enjoying myself and flexing carbon I’m happy. I’m not a full time angler, far from it, but a self employed bricklayer with a strong passion for carp angling.

Fishing sessions can range from 72hrs to just a few hours, and I’m more than happy to fish short day or evening sessions with one rod using a variety of methods. I love stalking and floater fishing, along with developing and field testing various things so I’m looking forward to joining the Enterprise Tackle team of consultants. Having only recently published my second book ‘Heads Down Tails Up’ I’m really looking forward to the future.

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Julian Cundiff

Julian Cundiff Enterprise consultantJulian began his carp fishing career in the early 80’s, having been a general coarse angler till then. He is an accomplished carp angler having been fishing on many of the best known carp fisheries across the UK, including Savay, Willow Park, Catch 22, Johnson’s and dozens more.

All this carp fishing inevitably let to Julian start writing and although having articles published in Coarse Angler and some NASA/NASG mags, his first ‘real’ carp article appeared in Carp Fisher ( the Carp Society’s magazine ) in 1986. From author to editor Julian progressed and has had six books published including the latest ‘Short Session Success’ which came out in 2009 ; indeed many of todays carp anglers say that his first ‘major’ book in 1993 ‘Practical Carp Fishing’ was their ‘Carp Fever’. With thousands of articles published worldwide from Slovenia to Canada, the UK to Germany he is fairly well known face so to speak and hopefully one of the most approachable ones.

A long term committed user of Enterprise Tackle imitations, Julian is a creditable contributor to the promotion and development of them.

To quote from a recent interview with Julian: “when you read my material and see the items I chose to use from the Enterprise range you know that an angler with thirty years experience of fishing waters anyone can fish chooses to use them. Believe me I only use what I KNOW gives me an edge and only promote what I KNOW will give you all an edge. So whether its a forum or a magazine, my Facebook or on the bank that I recommend it you know that its the real deal and not some ‘paid-to-play’ commercial link up….Enterprise an edge….and then some “….

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Myles Gascoyne

Enterprise Consultant Myles GascoyneMyles began fishing a little over 30 years ago on the Kenntish Stour and the pits around Canterbury that are now very well known big fish carp waters. He fished local club matches, pike fished in the winter and wouldn’t miss tench fishing on June 16th for anything. But like many people the sight of feeding huge carp in the close season was all it took to get the bug. With the help of a few of the less secretive carp anglers around at the time Myles began his passion for carp fishing.

After school Myles went on to study Fisheries Management at Sparsholt College. He then jumped on a plane and worked on big game boats for the next 12 years. He fished more than 300 days every year on some of the best boats in the world catching world records and winning the world blue marlin championships in 1995.

A few things changed and Myles headed back to England where he set up CarpSchool ( in 2004. His ability to pass on knowledge has helped him to have the longest running carp tuition business in the UK. Myles regularly writes in the monthly magazines and features on TV and vidoes.

Myles has used Enterprise Tackle products for many years and has caught a huge number of fish on the pop up corn and fake maggots. He has a hand in the development process coming up with new ideas and helping test products before they are signed off for production. In his opinion one of the best products are the sinking and buoyant hemp than can be used to fool the wariest of fish.

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Antony Ballard

Enterprise Tackle Consultant - Anthony PearsonAs a passionate angler, inputting maximum time into my fishing has always been effortless. Those long drives down to the lake on a Friday evening, following a long week in the office. Barrowing the gear around on those dark nights with nothing, but a head-torch to aid the late night rig tying and trap setting. Losing the sensation in your fingers and toes on a bitter winters morning…despite all of the above….it never dampens a ‘true Carper’s’ spirit. Every session is a new adventure, that’s for certain.

There is something truly mystical about carp fishing that had me hooked from day one. Clearly it’s never been about simply catching carp for me, it’s everything that goes with it. Just being there; the challenge, the unpredictable battle with nature, the atmosphere full of optimism, and the sheer satisfaction of reward when all that time, effort and thought finally pays off. Is there really such thing as a bad days fishing? I’m sure it was the great Lee Jackson that said “a blank session only helps to strengthen your resolve”. I’m sure that’s what keeps us trying, and keeps many of us fishing.

As the legendary golfer ‘Gary Player’ once said; “The more I practice, the luckier I get”, a phrase that I certainly live by when it comes to my carp fishing.

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french consultantJohan Chambrier

Enterprise French Consultant - Johan ChambiersJe m’appel Johan, j’ai 26 ans et j’habite près du Mans en France, Je pêche depuis l’âge de 7 ans, et je me suis consacré uniquement a la pêche de la carpe à l’âge de 15 ans.

J’aime les pêches très techniques, ou il faut  une certaine finesse dans l’approche et les montages. Le départ est le moment que je préfère à la pêche, c’est signe que tout était réunis pour provoquer la touche, le montage était approprié et au bon endroit, au bon moment, et avec le bon appât, après mettre le poisson dans l’épuisette n’est que le bonus, la cerise sur le gâteau…

J’adore les appâts artificiels, je fais plus de la moitié de mes captures avec du maïs artificiel, que ce sois l’été ou l’hiver, dans un endroit jamais pêcher ou au contraire dans un endroit très pêché cette esches procure des résultats surprenant, un seul grain de maïs suffit.

Quel plaisir de capturer une carpe avec 1 morceau de plastique…

Je suis également passionné de photographie et de plongé en apnée. Je plonge pour observer ce qu’il ce passe sous l’eau, voir l’état de mes amorçages, mes montages, et j’affine ma technique en fonction de ce que je découvre.

Read Johan’s Blog

I am 26 years old and I live near Le Mans in France, a city well known for its famous “24 Hours of Le Mans” race. I am fortunate to work in the fishing trade for over 7 years, what a pleasure to work with my passion.

I’m also passionate about mountain biking, photography, and scuba diving. I’ve fished from the age of 7 years, and have been devoted solely to fishing for carp from the age of 15.

To me the best moment in fishing is when the buzzer sounds, it is a sign that everything has come together, the rig was appropriate and in the right place at the right time and with the right bait, the fish in the net is the bonus, the icing on the cake … And if the fish is a pretty good size that is even more wonderful.

I have a great preference for quiet and wild places, I want to recharge my batteries and take pictures of nature because I am passionate about photography. I like to keep on the move, in order to locate the fish, I don’t hesitate to change swims every few hours if I see activity elsewhere on the lake. I love artificial bait, and more than half of my catch is with artificial corn, be it summer or winter, in both high and low stocked lakes, this bait provides surprising results, a single grain of corn is often all you need. What a pleasure to catch a carp with one piece of plastic …
I do much snorkeling , this allows me to know the nature of the substrate, the natural food, if fish are present and possible snags. It has become for me almost essential because it allows me to gather very valuable information that it is impossible to know otherwise. I can see if there is natural food available and in what quantities’ this allows me to bait accordingly. It also allows me to check the state of my rigs, which I can adjust if needed, or change spots if I see that carp are not present.


dutch flagEd Skillz

Enterprise Dutch Consultant Ed Skillzed skillz-carpcrossing website link Country: The Netherlands
Position: Owner and founder of CARPCROSSING | Angling Journalist | Film maker | Photographer
Years carp fishing: Over 20 years
Sponsors: Fox | Mainline | Navitas | Bivylight | Vortex | Enterprise Tackle |
PB: Mirror 63lb 50z | Common 45lb
Favourite Venues: The big lakes canals and rivers of Holland , Belgium and France
Favourite rigs: Depends on the situation. Most of the time I use a simple line aligner rig or a withy pool
Favourite Baits: Mainline cell |  Mainline pineapple popups | Tigernuts
Other interests: Drawing | Photography | Filming and video editing
Influences: I think I’m influenced by the love for nature not by a person, since the day I made my first steps, I was intrigued by everything that was living near and by the water around our house.
Favourite music: Old soul stuff | RnB | Hiphop | I need uplifting music

Read Ed’s Blog

french consultantSylvain Rouillon

Enterprise French Consultant - Johan ChambiersMy name is Sylvain Rouillon, I am 33 years old, father of two children aged 5 and 10 years.

I love fishing since the age of 9 years, I started in coarse fishing where I have had a pleasant time match fishing. It allowed me to learn about bait ingredients and use different baits depending on the location, weather and the fishing environment.

After this time, I got started in predator fishing, specialising in lures exclusively and particularly soft lures.

At the age of 16 17 years, I discovered carp with his cunning and his strength and the incredible way he avoids the trap we set him, it was obvious that this fish was so mysterious it inspired my wildest dreams.

Like everyone else I started with seeds, such as corn, wheat, hemp, beans, tiger nuts, maple peas ….. and of course boilies to engage in long-term baiting confining the fish on the spot. But some complex sites deserved another approach, which became more technical and needed an approach that recognizes the natural fish food. It was obvious that pop ups would be a better approach. So I fished with pop up on these difficult fishing sites. In the clear waters neutral pop-ups gave me satisfaction and allowed me to lure unsuspecting and often reluctant fish to feed. But in the murky waters we had to boost these pop ups with additives allowing the fish to use senses other than visually and so get caught, falling into the trap.

The years passed, my passion becoming increasingly urgent, my time on the water exceeded that spent at home or at work. I had to find a solution, studying organic chemistry and my knowledge of the business world have allowed me to create in 2010, the company OSMOSE Korp, manufacturing bait, rolled on fresh on demand, and without preservatives or coloring.

Today, I use in all my fishing, artificial baits from the Enterprise Tackle range, maggots, tiger nuts and popup corn, both fluorescent and phosphorescent, also the very successful imitation maize.

Today I use imitation plastic baits in addition to my boilies, a technique that allowed me to capture on numerous venues in France. I fish a the rivers a lot, the lakes of France and especially wild public venues. Loving and respectful of nature, I am fighting for years to preserve the close association we can all experience with nature.

The plastic baits are in my eyes the future and can often stand out from the others. I did a lot of tests on aromatic dips. I left many of your products in flavors and blends of various attractant, including bucks tiger nuts, I soaked in ethyl a nutty tiger aroma  for several days……… and bait spread widely allowed me to catch anywhere and on any water.

A good angler today must have good natural bait and good artificials to be sure to cover all situations. .

Read Sylvain’s Blog

Tony Gibson

tony-gibson-profileI’m Tony Gibson, I started fishing at the age of seven after receiving a little rod and some tackle as a Christmas gift, which I used to catch a few “bits” from the Embankment stretch of the river running through Bedford.

The fishing bug took hold straight away and from then on nearly all my pocket money was spent on tackle and suchlike. As a schoolboy I was initially happy doing any sort of fishing, but I still tended to drift towards trying for the larger fish and eventually after the excitement of catching some decent pike, good roach and big tench it was obvious that it was the thrill of catching the big ‘uns that really inspired me.

I enjoy fishing venues that potentially provide an opportunity to beat a PB. Some of my UK “Personal Bests” are: Barbel 20lb 6oz, Bream 18lb 7oz, Carp (common) 45lb 2oz, Carp (mirror) 43lb 10oz, Chub 7lb 4oz, Catfish 62lb 5oz, Crucian 4lb 1oz, Eel 6lb 14oz, Grass Carp 40lb 12oz, Grayling 2lb 14oz, Roach 3lb 6oz, Rudd 4lb 1.5oz, Perch 5lb 1oz, Pike 30lb 14oz, Tench 11lb 5oz.

Some of the fishing related highlights over the years have included twice breaking the British barbel record, coming within an ounce of equalling the British bream record and being the first angler to win both The Drennan Cup, the annual specimen trophy awarded by Angling Times, and the equivalent trophy awarded by Angler’s Mail in the same year.

For a number of years I’ve been the Chairman of the esteemed Northampton Specimen Group, the oldest, continually running specimen group in the country. As well as recently joining the impressive line-up of consultants associated with Enterprise Tackle I have been a consultant for both Nash Tackle and Dynamite Baits for over 10 years. I have written and featured in many of the UK’s weekly and monthly freshwater angling related publications and have contributed to a number of books on carp and/or specimen fishing, including being one of four co-authors of the book “Big Carp” published in 2007 by The Crowood Press.

Read Tony’s Blog

Team East Asia

mark-hoy-profile stephen-scrutton-profile Wuttichai-Khensuwan-profile

Mark Hoye
mark-hoy-asian-carpI started my fishing career on the banks of the River Lea and Grand Union Canal, before the competitive bug caught hold of me. I’ve been lucky to have fished for many top teams like Trev’s Browning and DAM Dorking, and winning nationals, winter and super leagues along the way. Individually I’ve also managed My fair share of wins on rivers, lakes and canals, when it was not unusual to fish a 100+ peg match on a Saturday and Sunday on natural venues.
The big fish bug caught me some ten years ago, and I’ve been lucky to have some nice fish, the Black Common at Yateley North Lake being my biggest Common at 30lb. In France I have managed to land a few fish, fishing venues like Brittany Mills, Dreamlakes and Crete Lakes. My best fish is a 46lb Mirror Carp. It’s Thailand that has really caught my imagination over the last few years, and I have a home on the East coast, and a young family that keeps me busy. My passion is the Giant Siamese Carp, and I have caught many fine specimens, topped by a monster of 138lb.

Stephen Scrutton
stephen-scrutton-asian-carpI come from a real hotbed of carp fishing activity in Colchester Essex, and I’ve cut my teeth in such venues as Layer Pits, the Snake Pit and Garrison, all very local to where I live. My big passion other than chasing monsters in Thailand is catching big carp on floating baits off the top, and I always have in my bag some artificial dog biscuits which I find superb, and so realistic, they have caught me many many a fish. I’ve been very fortunate to land some fine specimens from a range of waters in the South East, with my best fish being a 35lb 6oz common from Great Braxted.
I got the urge to travel some years ago, and have had successful trips to France, the Ebro and Thailand. It was the Far East that really caught hold of me, and I’ve been really lucky to experience landing some huge fish. So far I have managed to land Giant Freshwater Stingray to 400lb+, Arapaima to 350lb, and two 100lb Giant Siamese Carp during the same session in one day. Never do I go on my travels without a selection of Enterprise artificial baits, they have caught me fish too many times….

Wuttichai Khensuwan


Head of our team in Thailand ‘Boy’ as he is often called, has a knowledge of the waters and methods in the region that are second to none. He has worked on many filming productions , and his face you will recognise from the River Monsters ‘Death Ray’ episode.
Boy started fishing at a very young age, and soon become a regular winner at competitions at Bungsamran, before moving onto guiding at the venue, and then further afield. He is recognised throughout Thailand as one of the best guides in the region.


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