The following page introduces you fully to each of the Team Enterprise anglers and some small part of their vast range of experiences and mixed backgrounds in angling.

Some are household names in the chosen specialist area, others have perhaps not been in the full glare of the angling scene, but bring a great wealth of experience in many ways.

We will be tapping into this vast knowledge to assist in developing and testing our growing range of products. They will be helping us with both new ideas for baits and flavourings and perhaps more usefully more new and ingenious ways of exploiting the attraction of our existing range. We 'll keep you posted on what happens over the coming weeks, months etc. So keep an eye on what the Team are getting up to!!


Team Enterprise member Mike Madeley

Hi I’m Mike Madeley I’m 46 and married..

I started my fishing as a youngster on the river Nene near Peterborough but seriously been into Carp fishing the last 15 years…its not always about the size but.

My UK pb is 41lb 2 oz common and 33lb mirror. With a 40lb mirror from France. I’m really into zig/surface fishing when the weather is right..can’t beat that explosive action.

Favourite venues in the UK are Bluebells and Greenacres..and Lac de Prem in France.

I’m consistently looking for an edge and do the different thing when many no doubt but there’s always an option…and  Enterprise Tackle imitations gives that bait option.

I’m a bailiff on a 93 acre reservoir called Naseby in Northamptonshire..we’re I also organize open days and arrange socials…I have a 15yr military background and currently work as a Traffic officer (HA)….


Team Enterprise - Stewart Harris

I live in Milton Keynes and have fished anywhere where there is water since I was old enough to hold a rod and over those 30 odd years I have fished for most of the freshwater species that reside in the UK, catching many to specimen sizes.

Although it seems these days that I spend a fair portion of my fishing time chasing shadows on low stock pits under the guise of carp fishing, my first love is river angling and I love nothing more than spending a few hours on my local Great Ouse hoping that one of the few remaining barbel take pity on me.

I hope that with my experience across the various angling disciplines that I can bring something back to the team and that our relationship will be mutually beneficial.

Over the next year I’m looking at developing my writing skills and hope to get an article or two in the mags, if I can stay away from the bank for long enough that is!


Team Enterprise - Alex Woodcock

I’m 23 , live in Ormskirk , and have fished since I was old enough to hold a rod ( or hand line ha ha ;- ). I’ve been really into my carp fishing for about 13 years , although I do still target other species from time to time.

I’ve always used Enterprise tackle , whether its been tipping baits or straight on the hair and always had success .

My French PBs are 52.6 mirror and 47lb common.

English PBs are 33.3 mirror and 52lb common.

The last few years most of my fishing has been on publicity banned waters but I’m dropping that this year and fishing more day tickets and doing more ‘off the beaten track’ type fishing .


Team Enterprise Jordan Hawkins

I am a truly passionate carp angler! I studied sport fisheries at Sparsholt College, later working in fish management.

I love fishing clear low stock lakes, but also love a good session on a commercial putting a bend in the rods!

I am fascinated with bait and rigs and I am constantly changing rigs and presentation to catch the fish off guard!

I also love writing and most of all being outdoors!!


Team Enterprise - Roy Oostindien profile

Hi I’m Roy Oostindiën

35 years young
Married to Jessica
One son named Yannick
Living in Drenthe in the north of the Netherlands

Personal best carp is 32,18 pound mirror carp.

I started carp fishing when I was 12 or 13 years old, now I’m 35 and still passionate about carp fishing. In the beginning I spend every free minute at the water to learn to “read” the water. Now with a family the fishing is changed, but I still love to be near the water. You can find me on lakes and canals, I don’t have a favorite type of water. I’m not a target hunter, I am happy with every carp I catch, than I know I have everything in the right place. I am using only three kinds of rigs: chod rig, normal rig and combo rigs. I use the imitation baits the whole year round, but this year I am going to use the imitation baits in the spring and summer to catch them from the surface!


Team Enterprise Member Iain Sorrell

I’ve been an angler since first sitting on the Grand Union canal aged 4. Since then I’ve fished around the world chasing a wide variety of fresh and saltwater species. In the 70’s and early 80’s I fished the Colne valley including the mighty Savay thanks to my good friend Mike Wilson. The recently published Savay Chronicles has an account of my  capture of the legendary ‘Sally’ back in 1981.

In 1994 I moved to the east coast of the USA and rediscovered my passion for carp fishing with access to thousands of acres of near virgin waters. Since then I’ve landed hundreds of carp over 20 & 30lbs many coming from intense 4-6 hour sessions. As a long time advocate  of plastic baits I consider them an essential part of every carp anglers armory and am delighted to fish and recommend Enterprise products.  My USA PB’s include a 43.04 common and a 46.04 mirror.

I’m also the owner of Saxon Tackle the exclusive North American distributor for top brands such as Delkim, Spomb as well as my own design carp rods. If you want to learn more about carp fishing in North America follow or contact me on



Hi my name is Geoffrey Koch.

I am 38 years old and I am a dad of two little boys Ethan and Timeo, I live in a small village in eastern France

I have been carp fishing for 28 years and I mainly fish rivers and very regularly Gravieres, extremely difficult thing considering the size and the low density of fish.

I am very proud to belong to the Team Enterprise, it is a real honor.

I want to thank Chris Hornsby for the confidence that he has given me, thank you a lot.



I’m Florian Lachambre

I am 34 years old I am married and I am father of a little girl. I live in the east of France, in Chalons Champagne.

I have been carp fishing since the age of 12 years and for several years I have specialized in fishing in lakes as CASSIEN SALAGOU ORIENT CABANAC and THE BEAUTIFUL LAKE DER.

I’m mainly carp fishing for several years and where I had the chance to catch very beautiful carp, one of 27 KGS. I like to fish in the smaller lakes and the wilder rivers.


Team Enterprise - Philip Murray

I have been fishing all my life, my early years were spent Pike and Perch fishing on the wild Scottish Lochs.

I have been carp fishing for over 30 years fishing mainly private lakes and a few day ticket waters.

I still occasionally fish for other species mainly tench and pike with the odd session after catfish.

I also fish in Europe at least twice a year.

My English personal best carp and best forty is a common of 44Ib, the same weight as Dick Walkers record! which meant a lot at the time. My European best carp was caught last October, a 63Ib common.


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