Meet Team Enterprise Members

The following page introduces you fully to each of the Team Enterprise anglers and some small part of their vast range of experiences and mixed backgrounds in angling.

Some are household names in the chosen specialist area, others have perhaps not been in the full glare of the angling scene, but bring a great wealth of experience in many ways.

We will be tapping into this vast knowledge to assist in developing and testing our growing range of products. They will be helping us with both new ideas for baits and flavourings and perhaps more usefully more new and ingenious ways of exploiting the attraction of our existing range. We ‘ll keep you posted on what happens over the coming weeks, months etc. So keep an eye on what the Team are getting up to!!

Guy Aitkins

Team Enterprise - Guy Aitkins I’ve been fishing since I was 5 years old and ever since then it’s been my passion.

I started matching fishing from the age of 18 and progressed to carp angling some years later,  I have been  exclusively fishing  for carp for over 25 years with a uk pb mirror of 39.10 and a common of 38.12. My European pb is 68.12 mirror . My favourite style of carping  has to be surface fishing, whether its with a zig or a controller,  This would be my strongest point of angling. I’ve spent hundreds of hours walking around lakes and studying there feeding behaviour’s and is something that still excites me to this day.

Favourite venue in the UK is Bluebell lakes in Peterbourgh whilst my favourite European venue has to be Lac de Curton {Rainbow Lake} in France, which I had the pleasure of fishing for the first time a couple of years ago with my great friend Frank Warwick. I’ve fished in Europe with Frank quite a few times now including the world carp classic but the competition that I really love is the Best 5 carp competition which is held in Romania and in my humble opinion is one of the best in the world.

I have been using products from Enterprise Tackle for some years and I will admit at first I couldn’t quite get my head around using plastic for bait, but I’ve had some massive hits using  these products, and untold big fish using the buoyant corn and plastic maggots. I remember the first time I saw the glow in the dark corn and thought to my self WOW !! it stands to reason that carp being naturally nosy would home in on it, and they did !!

I can honestly say that I wouldn’t leave home without it, and is definitely the way forward.

Ron Buss

Team Enterprise - Ron-BussHaving been an angler since the tender age of six I have pursued most aspects of the sport, match fishing, sea fishing, both boat and beach, fly fishing on streams and reservoirs, dry and wet fly also lures.

In 1968 I started carp fishing, more by chance than design, the fever grew and has never left, I have set many lake records in my time, I still hold the record for the amount of fish caught in a twenty four hour match, this being 1,011lbs 12 oz. I have a personal best British Carp of forty three pounds fourteen ounces Mirror and thirty five pounds eight ounces Common, French fish – Mirrors to fifty eight and Commons to forty eight, both the latter being caught incorporating Enterprise Corn with boiled baits, as you can imagine I have used Enterprise products quite comprehensively over the period that they have been available.

I was one of the first to promote the method feeder for carp fishing and also bag fishing with P.V.A., and have written many articles on both subjects, as well as appearing on a large number of DVDs including my own ‘Carp Luv Em’, plus T.V. appearances with Matt Hayes. I have many friends and colleagues in the angling fraternity whom I would place in the highest levels of angling today.

I have been involved with Woking & District Angling Association since I was 19 yrs of age and have held the position of Head Bailiff since 1978 – a position I still hold to this day and over this period I have raised considerable amounts for Cancer Research, at this moment in time I am the Patron for Anglers Against Cancer, and Annually contribute to ‘Fish with the Stars’ for the MNDA on the Linear Waters in Oxford.

Fishing is my Life with the full backing of my Wife Jo of 40 yrs – Love her.
Be Lucky
Ron Buss

Martin Clarke

Team Enterprise - Martin ClarkeAge 52 from Luton, Bedfordshire. I’ve fished almost exclusively for carp for over 30 years, mainly on syndicates, club venues and occasionally day ticket venues within a 100 mile radius from home. martins-book-linkHaving said that, I’ve also fished in Romania, Holland and France and plan to venture overseas again, in search of large carp. With a UK mirror pb of 46.02lb, UK common of 43.10lb and an overseas pb mirror of 62.08lb I’m always on the lookout for my next pb, though so long as I’m enjoying myself and flexing carbon I’m happy.

I’m not a full time angler, far from it, but a self employed bricklayer with a strong passion for carp  angling. Fishing sessions can range from 72hrs to just a few hours, and I’m more than happy to fish short day or evening sessions with one rod using a variety of methods.

I love stalking and floater fishing, along with developing and field testing various things so I’m looking forward to joining the Enterprise Tackle team of consultants. Having only recently published my second book ‘Heads Down Tails Up’ I’m really looking forward to the future.

Martins book can be found here:


George Csonka

Enterprise Team Member - George CsonkaI started carp fishing in the UK some 35 years ago, catching a variety of carp, including commons to 42.8, mirrors to 41.6 and leathers to 38.8

The last 25 years I have concentrated on European lakes and rivers  catching some stunning fish, pb’s commons to 84.8 and mirrors to 81.4  and leathers to 65.8

I have also entered the world carp classic back in 2000 and took the big fish trophy, and winning the first fish, section, and team prize in 2007 fishing for Carpworld 2010 was my year,  the ultimate challenge……… WCC, and we won the cup !

And have used enterprise products for the last five years with great confidence.

35 years on and I still have as much passion to better my personal best, which is getting harder and harder.

George Csonka

Find out more about Georges World Cap Classic win here:

Lee Nightingale

Team Enterprise- Lee NightingaleLee Nightingale or ‘Chunk’ as most people call me
Age ..42
Hobbies…Carp fishing and bodybuilding
Foreign PB…52lb
English PB…36.6lb

I’ve always enjoyed the pleasures of angling..since I was 5 or 6 when my dad used to take me fishing when we were at our family caravan in Great Baddow, Chelmsford in the holidays…fishing on the river Chelmer for whatever grabbed my maggot… Perch,Roach,etc..the odd Eel… Years later In 1989 I started fishing for carp.

I’m a member of a Colne valley syndicate water,and fish various pay lakes whenever I can. I do a fair bit of my fishing in France,often at Etang Saussaie,but with La Fritterie and now Lac de Premiere amongst my fave venues.. I was lucky enough to have caught the big common from Etang Saussaei a few years back,it recently held the world record for a while but unfortunately died in 2013..

The use of artificial baits in my fishing is as important to me as a high quality food bait,they are something I use all the time and never approach a lake without them. The advantages are numerous, not just from a visual point of view but a practical one also. I’ve been away from the bank for 2 years now due to an unexpected health problem,but I’m back to good health now and intend to make up for lost time, and get the rods bent as much as possible.

I’m also very happy to be part of a great UK company promoting great products with a great team of people…………

Jay Cater

Team Enterprise - Jay Cater profileHello my name is Jay Cater I‘m affectionately known as Mungo by all my friends. I have been carp fishing since the age of about 13. Prior to this I was fishing for whatever came along and the moment a whacking great 3lb carp ended up in my little pan net a carper was born. Now aged 33 I am more obsessed than I have ever been, I don‘t think in the last 20 years a day has gone by where I haven‘t thought about fishing and the need to get out there is sometimes so strong I think of nothing else, and I love getting my family involved in my passion.

I have been fishing the Essex circuit waters for the last 10 years or more catching a few of the sought after leviathans along the way. The feeling of catching some really old hard to catch fish is the thrill for me. I do love a challenge though being the type to get bored very quickly. The manor “dollop city” was where I really honed my skills from boilie fishing to zig rigging they were all learnt there and now used on my journey through my carp fishing life but the great thing about our sport is we never stop learning and this is something I immensely.

I was asked to join the BCSG a while back and a childhood dream was made reality. The people and places I have seen whilst carp fishing are mind blowing and this is a massive part of my life, waking up on a misty morning or baiting up at 3 am to keep things a bit quiet is all part of the excitement and I wouldn‘t want it any other way. I‘ve used enterprise tackle since day one and have got to say when I was asked to be part of the team I was totally blown away as I believe joining the family is a massive honour in my carp angling journey and long may it continue.

Iain Sorrell

Team Enterprise Member Iain SorrellI’ve been an angler since first sitting on the Grand Union canal aged 4. Since then I’ve fished around the world chasing a wide variety of fresh and saltwater species. In the 70’s and early 80’s I fished the Colne valley including the mighty Savay thanks to my good friend Mike Wilson. The recently published Savay Chronicles has an account of my  capture of the legendary ‘Sally’ back in 1981.

In 1994 I moved to the east coast of the USA and rediscovered my passion for carp fishing with access to thousands of acres of near virgin waters. Since then I’ve landed hundreds of carp over 20 & 30lbs many coming from intense 4-6 hour sessions. As a long time advocate  of plastic baits I consider them an essential part of every carp anglers armory and am delighted to fish and recommend Enterprise products.  My USA PB’s include a 43.04 common and a 46.04 mirror.

I’m also the owner of Saxon Tackle the exclusive North American distributor for top brands such as Delkim, Spomb as well as my own design carp rods. If you want to learn more about carp fishing in North America follow or contact me on

Roy Oostindien

Team Enterprise - Roy Oostindien profileHi I’m Roy Oostindiën

35 years young
Married to Jessica
One son named Yannick
Living in Drenthe in the north of the Netherlands

Personal best carp is 32,18 pound mirror carp.

I started carp fishing when I was 12 or 13 years old, now I’m 35 and still passionate about carp fishing. In the beginning I spend every free minute at the water to learn to “read” the water. Now with a family the fishing is changed, but I still love to be near the water. You can find me on lakes and canals, I don’t have a favorite type of water. I’m not a target hunter, I am happy with every carp I catch, than I know I have everything in the right place. I am using only three kinds of rigs: chod rig, normal rig and combo rigs. I use the imitation baits the whole year round, but this year I am going to use the imitation baits in the spring and summer to catch them from the surface!

Scott Callison

Team Enterprise Member - Scott CallisonHi I’m  Scott Callison, age 33
Occupation – Scrap Yard Manager
Hometown – South Ockendon, Essex
UK PB – 36lb 2oz
Euro PB – 36lb
I began fishing at 10 years old, my then next door neighbour took me over the local club lake one evening after school. He sat me in a swim next to a lily pad bed and gave me a rod, a reel, and some mini strawberry zest boilies. I then went on to catch my first tench of around 3lb, that was it, I was now hooked!I continued to fish at every opportunity I could, either my mum or dad would take me or during the school holidays my grandad (as long as me or my sister, ran into Mcdonalds for him on the way). I was now keen as ever, fishing the club matches, and winning on quite a few occasions against the old boys!It was one of these old boys that used to fish for the carp in his spare time, he asked if I would like to have a go at catching some. I gave it go one night and caught my first real carp of 14lb 8oz! That was it Christmas presents that year were sorted, I was asking for carp rods and reels.I’m now 33 years old with a young family and limited time as you can imagine. I try and get out as much as possible fishing a variety of Essex syndicate lakes and Day-ticket waters. The Enterprise Range has been part of my armoury since day one, from an imitation grub as a hair-stop to a fake tiger nut over a bed of particle, over the years the range has helped me trick some stunning carp…

Alex Woodcock

Team Enterprise - Alex WoodcockI’m 23 , live in Ormskirk , and have fished since I was old enough to hold a rod ( or hand line ha ha ;- ). I’ve been really into my carp fishing for about 13 years , although I do still target other species from time to time.

I’ve always used Enterprise tackle , whether its been tipping baits or straight on the hair and always had success .

My French PBs are 52.6 mirror and 47lb common.

English PBs are 33.3 mirror and 52lb common.

The last few years most of my fishing has been on publicity banned waters but I’m dropping that this year and fishing more day tickets and doing more ‘off the beaten track’ type fishing .

Jordan Hawkins

Team Enterprise Jordan HawkinsI am a truly passionate carp angler! I studied sport fisheries at Sparsholt College, later working in fish management.

I love fishing clear low stock lakes, but also love a good session on a commercial putting a bend in the rods!

I am fascinated with bait and rigs and I am constantly changing rigs and presentation to catch the fish off guard!

I also love writing and most of all being outdoors!!



Philip Murray

Team Enterprise - Philip MurrayI have been fishing all my life, my early years were spent Pike and Perch fishing on the wild Scottish Lochs.

I have been carp fishing for over 30 years fishing mainly private lakes and a few day ticket waters.

I still occasionally fish for other species mainly tench and pike with the odd session after catfish.

I also fish in Europe at least twice a year.

My English personal best carp and best forty is a common of 44Ib, the same weight as Dick Walkers record! which meant a lot at the time. My European best carp was caught last October, a 63Ib common.

Stewart Harris

Team Enterprise - Stewart HarrisI live in Milton Keynes and have fished anywhere where there is water since I was old enough to hold a rod and over those 30 odd years I have fished for most of the freshwater species that reside in the UK, catching many to specimen sizes.

Although it seems these days that I spend a fair portion of my fishing time chasing shadows on low stock pits under the guise of carp fishing, my first love is river angling and I love nothing more than spending a few hours on my local Great Ouse hoping that one of the few remaining barbel take pity on me.

I hope that with my experience across the various angling disciplines that I can bring something back to the team and that our relationship will be mutually beneficial.

Over the next year I’m looking at developing my writing skills and hope to get an article or two in the mags, if I can stay away from the bank for long enough that is!

Dean Scarratt aka ” Smokey”

Team Enterprise Member Dean ScarrattHome town: Stoke on Trent
Mirror PB 35.2
Common PB 37.2

For the last 27 years I have asked myself the same question many times. WHY ?

Why do I chose to pursue such creatures to the point where the lines of reality become blurred and I find myself been consumed by uncontrollable thoughts of carp ? It’s a question that has many answers depending on the individual. For me the important part is not within the answer, its within the ability to Question!. When we stop asking ‘why’ we stop learning !

This has always been the driving force to my angling and continues to be so to this day. Upon reflection you could say I am as ‘nosey’ as the quarry I try to catch.

My angling approach follows a similar path in terms of been inquisitive. I am a big advocate of visual baits, weather that be imitation or food based. If the carp can see it then there’s a high percentage it will be investigated, especially during the colder months.

This is where the Enterprise Tackle range boosts my confidence in terms of visual appeal. Like most I started off using the imitation yellow corn, occasionally on its own but religiously for tipping my food baits. From there i started to investigate the glow in the dark range to which this transformed my winter angling, both on the bottom and Zig fishing. The possibilities to the range were endless and exciting.

During 2014 most of my time will be spent in the Nene Valley fishing a fairly deep and silty gravel pit. The visual aspect will be playing a huge part in tempting some of the many dark creatures it holds. With fish to over 40lb and some of the most interesting characters I’ve come across , it really is a year I am looking forward too, let the fun begin!

Be Lucky –  Smokey

Adam Johnston

Team Enterprise Member Adam JohnstonHi my names Adam Johnston.
I’m a passionate angler and despite my young age I have been fishing for over a decade in all areas of the sport. It all started to really kick off at the age of 8 when I moved back to the UK after living away for a few years. My mum bought a house backing on to a pond full of tench and for the next year they would be the creatures that captivated my imagination. Soon I went from float fishing on with an old glass rod to sitting on a box with sixteen meters of carbon in my hand fishing matches and doing a lot of pleasure fishing.

I soon found myself again changing trades when I was taught how to fluff chuck. Fly fishing became the be all and end all. I spent a few years working on a fly fishery doing everything from teaching to working in the shop I still carp fished at the time but not on the usual commercials or syndicates but rather on lakes where I should not be. This obsession lasted up until 5 years ago. This was due to a water opening that I now hold incredibly close to my heart. Four Seasons Fisheries. After few years of let’s say being laughed at by the carp gods it was just what I needed: 15 minutes from home, an easy lake (Mill Lake) full of stunners for me to play with, well maintained pegs and so so much more. Little did I know that my bit of fun would turn in to my life.

After an amazing summer winter rolled in and as Jack Frost whipped his wand all went dead on Mill Lake. There was no point in me blanking on Mill when I could blank on Lodge (the hard lake on the complex). Well since then I have been doing a very good job of blanking on lodge. In fact I even managed to become the fisheries assistant manager due to the amount of time I had when not catching. 4 years of chasing and I am yet to nail the one I want.

Just to make hunting her that bit harder and to baffle me even more I have to juggle in a busy fishery management time table at college as well as family and a girlfriend so quick nights have become my forte. Tackling not only the fish but everyone else on a busy commercial has become my addiction. If I can remove some of the luck and replace it with a skill then I can catch more consistently and that’s all I want to do in my fishing. With an energetic and rather pedantic style of fishing I feel I am always getting closer to this.

Through all this time I have always exploited and never forgotten imitation baits whether it be fishing coffee stained potato shallow on the pole for carp and F1’s, fake worms on the feeder for bream, flicking a little dry fly for brown trout in a tiny stream or blasting two grains of fake corn to the horizon within a solid bag on a big pit. Artificial baits are there to make our fishing easier and to decrease the luck factor and thus increase our consistency.

In my opinion Enterprise are at the forefront of making plastic baits and I would never use anyone Else’s!

Be lucky….. Adam Johnston

Mike Lyddon

mike-lyddonet-team-profileI’m Mike Lyddon

Age 45

Hometown:  Woking in Surrey

Been fishing since I was about 10 years old, started off just dabbling, then went through a few years of match fishing, before going through a few years of flat out carp fishing. Started specimen fishing about 20 years ago and have more or less been doing that ever since. I love the variation it offers, being able to switch from one style and venue to something completely different week in week out keeps my enthusiasm at its peak.

P.B. list.

Barbel – 16lb 6oz – Bream – 17lb 10oz – Catfish – 46lb – Chub – 5lb 12oz  – Crucian Carp – 4lb 3oz – Dace – 12oz – Eel – 3lb 10oz – Perch – 4lb 1oz – Pike – 23lb 10oz – Roach – 2lb – Rudd – 2lb – Tench – 9lb 9oz – Zander – 10lb 8oz

Louis Slade

Team Enterprise Member - Louis SladeI’m Louis Slade

From South-East/ Berkshire areas and have been fishing for around 3 years now. It all started catching silvers on my local river Kennet like many others and swiftly moving of to catching barbel and chub which are the main species i love targeting, you cant beat a good pull of the string by a barbel!! and very much enjoyed it. Then i moved to carp fishing shortly after going between rivers and lakes which I still do today. I Love all forms of fishing from small species on commercials to big gravel pits. Short, slim windy rivers to wide fast paced canals.

My PB are as follows , UK Carp = 48lb 12 and PB Common of 30lb 3oz caught using a boiled tipped with an Enterprise Tackle 10mm Enternal boilie. Barbel = 13lb 5oz using the various meat springs and imitation pellets/ Skins thanks Enterprise, these  also have caught me nice chub to just under 6lb. I’m also backed by a few companies including Enterprise Tackle, CCmoore and AshimaUK Tackle and loving every moment of it and I can’t say thanks enough for all the support!!

I do a lot of work on Facebook, promoting rigs and catch shots and love photography of my fishing travels and blogs about certain rigs or sessions. So please check that out on my Facebook at and would be very appreciated.

Troy Cavey

troy-cavey-profileI’m Troy Cavey

I have been fishing since the age of 5 years old and I have been carp fishing for 11 years now and I am very passionate about my carp fishing here in France.

I live in the south west of France and I am always out on the bank. I have always used Enterprise Tackle whether for just tipping of my hook baits to add that little edge or just straight on the hair and always had great success.

I fish many different waters from private to pubic and always manage to bag fish even on short over nighters.

PB. Common : 61lb

Enterprise Tackle is for me the forefront of plastic imitation baits 😀

Florian Lachambre

florian-lachambre-profileI’m Florian Lachambre

I am 34 years old I am married and I am father of a little girl. I live in the east of France, in Chalons Champagne.

I have been carp fishing since the age of 12 years and for several years I have specialized in fishing in lakes as CASSIEN SALAGOU ORIENT CABANAC and THE BEAUTIFUL LAKE DER.

I’m mainly carp fishing for several years and where I had the chance to catch very beautiful carp, one of 27 KGS. I like to fish in the smaller lakes and the wilder rivers.

Ray Best


I’m Ray Best

I’ve been an angler for over 40 years and have become very adept in all aspects of fresh water coarse fishing, which I put down to the fact that I have been fortunate enough to learn from some of the biggest names in angling both past and present including Match angling legend Ivan Marks who was without question a true angler’s angler who had time for everyone especially the juniors who flocked to watch him during the seventies and more recently Carp anglings original nut case Derek “the Don” Ritchie who taught me that keeping things simple catches fish.

Over the many years that I have been associated with the sport I have been very fortunate and fished on some fantastic venues both natural and manmade, up and down the country. I have been lucky enough to experience some incredible sessions landing Catfish to 42lb 4oz, Mirror Carp to 30lb, Common Carp to 28lb 12oz, Bream to 13lb 8oz, Tench to 10lb 4oz, Barbel to 13lb 4oz, Chub to 7lb 4oz, Perch to 4lb lb. The highlight of my angling career was catching 72 carp in 12 hours for a total weight that was well over 600lb from the superb Biggin Lakes near Oundle Northamptonshire.

Over the past seven years I have featured in numerous articles for various publications and now co- run which is a review and information centre for fresh water anglers, reviewing and field test tackle and bait for over 50 individual companies. I have recently passed my Angling Development Board Level 1 coaching course with plans to take my Level 2 at the next available opportunity. This skill will then make it possible for me to put something back into the sport that over the years has given me so much pleasure

Geoffrey Koch

geoffrey-koch-profileHi my name is Geoffrey Koch.

I am 38 years old and I am a dad of two little boys Ethan and Timeo, I live in a small village in eastern France

I have been carp fishing for 28 years and I mainly fish rivers and very regularly Gravieres, extremely difficult thing considering the size and the low density of fish.

I am very proud to belong to the Team Enterprise, it is a real honor.

I want to thank Chris Hornsby for the confidence that he has given me, thank you a lot.


Team Enterprise member Mike MadeleyMike Madeley

Hi I’m Mike Madeley I’m 46 and married..

I started my fishing as a youngster on the river Nene near Peterborough but seriously been into Carp fishing the last 15 years…its not always about the size but.

My UK pb is 41lb 2 oz common and 33lb mirror. With a 40lb mirror from France. I’m really into zig/surface fishing when the weather is right..can’t beat that explosive action.

Favourite venues in the UK are Bluebells and Greenacres..and Lac de Prem in France.

I’m consistently looking for an edge and do the different thing when many no doubt but there’s always an option…and  Enterprise Tackle imitations gives that bait option.

I’m a bailiff on a 93 acre reservoir called Naseby in Northamptonshire..we’re I also organize open days and arrange socials…I have a 15yr military background and currently work as a Traffic officer (HA)….