Michael Koester

From our German Consultant – Michael Koester

Michael Koester with imitation caught German carpFor the last few years I have fished with plastic baits form Enterprise Tackle and my results are awesome. I fish mostly German gravel pits and also fish in France and in the states. My favourite tactic is to fish a normal bottom bait tipped by a yellow corn (N-buytric Pinnaple ) all fished in a solid PVA bag.

For me, another great Enterprise Tackle bait is the tiger nut pop-up fished with a real one over some crushed tigers.

There is no doubt that Enterprise Tackle makes the best artificial baits on the market and there are many other products which I use in my daily fishing.

The 10mm yellow everlasting Pop Ups is a great weapon, particularly when fishing in France and have to deal with Poisson Chat.

Thanks Chris for the great products!

Enclosed are a few whackers I caught this year. (See Michael’s fish in the Enterprise Gallery)