Mike Madeley Enterprise A Perfect Edge…

Mike 1Having an edge or doing something different with your bait can certainly pay off, especially on pressured lakes, were generally anglers are using same tactics, we all do it, if it works why change, but sometimes a change in how your bait is presented or looks can be that little edge needed for a bite.

With the many Enterprise imitation baits available, presenting bait in any situation couldn’t be easier, popped up or on the bottom, on their own or next to the real thing. This is where we differ to others as Enterprise imitation bait is in my opinion anyway the most realistic you can get.

I tend to use a multi rig or a stiff hinge set up 90% of the time, or up in the layers on a zig and like to set up the rigs using Enterprise imitation baits that look different.

Mike 2A favorite of mine is stacking 4 pop up mini tiger nuts on to the chod section of a stiff hinge rig, great to use were nuts are banned as these come soaked in tiger nut essence and although it looks a little odd and you wouldn’t think it could work; I’ve had some great results on it.

The new washed out corn is another winner, washed out looking bait looks as though it’s been sat there for some time so triple stake a few corn on a multi rig again many soaked in a wide choice of flavours, and used as a single hook bait can reap the rewards.




Mike 3When it comes to using zigs especially long ones, its imperative your bait is buoyant enough to keep it popped up, the Enterprise surface foam is absolutely perfect, again the surface foam is available in a host of different colours so you can easily cut slithers of and put together a colour mix, they absorb flavours without losing their buoyancy and I find them just perfect…

When using particles the Imitation Maple or chick pea (that I am currently testing) are so realistic, its un canny a couple attached to a hair rig amongst the bait is definitely going to get a pick-up, the legendary imitation corn we all know and love, and generally used to top of a boilie again can be used in other ways, its only your imagination stopping you.

There are so many different Enterprise imitations available that certainly mimic the real thing and have their own unique twist that many have tried to copy, have a look at the website and see what will work for you.

Tight Lines, Mike Madeley