NEW – ET13F CC Moore Flavours

Five new CC Moore additions to our Classic Flavour Popup Sweetcorn Range.


A little bit on the background to these new flavours is laid out below to help you find the one that will give you the ‘edge‘ you are looking for on some harder fished waters around today…

CC Moore Blackcurrant.

Has been selected from a large number of samples to ensure they selected the very best version of this distinctive fruit flavour. As well as delivering a beautifully rounded aroma to baits it also adds a quite fantastic taste which stimulates fish to feed by releasing potent fruit esters into the water column.

CC Moore Frankfurter.

Is a spicy meat flavour that has a pungent very distinctive aroma ideal for flavouring our corn.

CC Moore Belachan.

Since its introduction, this pungent flavour has become incredibly popular and has helped anglers to bank many notable fish when using it. Based on our experience of this superb fermented shrimp product, we feel sure this liquid will further enhance our imitation corn.

CC Moore Salmon.

A powerful, oily fish flavour which has a deep, smooth aroma that gives baits a soft fishy smell.

CC Moore Chocolate Malt.

This superb flavour provides a soft, creamy chocolate aroma and is a perfect choice to combine with our white corn.

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