Everyone loves to go on holiday, or travel to new countries. Whether it’s a planned fishing trip, or family holiday, we all get that ‘Rush’ when it comes to seeing different lakes, rivers or canals, no matter where they are.

I’ve been lucky to have visited all continents and many countries, some for holiday, and some for business. The bottom of my suitcase is always packed the same, travel rod, small fixed spool reel, case of lures, and a bits box with a few terminal bits in. Included in this terminal box is a box that contains a few Enterprise plastic baits for hook baits. Think about it, bait that doesn’t deteriorate in the sun, doesn’t smell, always looks bright and fresh, and mimics a bait that can be so hard to find on distant travels.


No fish in the world will turn down a worm, maggot or piece of corn. In a small box in my bag, I have every eventuality covered. I’ve caught snapper and yellow fish from a pier in Florida on Enterprise Worms, butterfish in The Gambia on Tiger Nut, and Giant Siamese Carp on stacks of Popup Corn in Thailand.

There are no limits to the versatility of the Enterprise range of artificial baits, they are small enough to carry anywhere, never lose their attraction, and fish throughout the world will eat them.

Opportunist catches if you can sneak a few hours fishing in on that family holiday, or business meeting.

Get on the Enterprise products, no fuss, no limits……..;-))

Team Asia