ET01 Adjuster Link Standard



The Adjuster-Link is used for fixed paternoster legering with either a bomb or swimfeeder.

It essentially replaces a three or four turn water knot, that is usually used to attach a link of line to the main line. Its main advantage over a water knot is that it can be repositioned to adjust the hook length, without tying or re-tying any knots. Another advantage is that it doesn’t weaken the line, something that a knot invariably does.
There are two sizes available, small and standard, 14mm and 20mm long respectively. The small version ET03 is ideal for close to medium range work with small to medium size bombs/feeders, and also where a delicate presentation is required.The standard version is better suited for medium to long range fishing with heavier bombs/feeders. Both sizes are ideal for use where larger fish are expected such as Carp or Barbel, where the advantage of being able to fish straight through to the hook becomes very apparent.
The angler can of course still use either size of Adjuster-Link with a lighter hook length tied to the main line, and still benefit from being able to adjust the distance between bomb/feeder and the hook quickly, and without breaking down his rig.

Product Code: ET01

Quantity: 4 per pack.

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