ET08 Protect A Bead Standard


The Protect-A-Bead is a special bead that has a sleeve attached to it, that slides down over the hook length swivel.

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Product Code: ET08

Quantity: 10 per pack.

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This protects the knot and swivel from damage due to gravel abrasion and buffeting by the lead. They are available in two sizes, small ET09 to suit swivel sizes 10-14 and standard ET08 to suit swivel sizes 5-10.

Available in black or a mixed packs of 5 green and 5 brown.

Our Protect-A-Beads are designed to provide protection to the main line knot, where it is fixed to the hook trace swivel. It prevents damage from any lead or feeder link swivel chafing on the knot during casting, playing a fish or retrieving the rig.

It is the ideal companion item when using ‘big eye’ swivels or any type of plastic run ring such as our own Snag Safe Lead / Link Clip to attach leads or paternoster links.

Thread the Protect-A-Bead on to the main line, bead end first, then attach your hook length swivel. Now simply slide the sleeve of the Protect-A-Bead over the eye and barrel of the swivel. It may help to moisten the swivel first to reduce friction.

How to assemble the ET08 Protect a Bead