ET12 Snag Safe Lead Clip Small


The Snag safe lead clip is a lead/feeder clip for use with a running leger set-up. It features a large bore hole to allow the line to run freely.

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Offering minimum resistance to a taking fish. The main design feature is the actual clip itself, which can spring open under pressure to release the lead/feeder, should it become snagged. A length of silicon tube, supplied on the clip is used to hold the lead in place and helps to minimise tangles. Very popular with barbel angler’s, theses clips are used by some of the  UK’s top barbel specialists.
Available in two sizes, the small clip ET12 requires a straight pull of approximately 4lbs pressure to release, so we advise a minimum of 5lb breaking strain line when using this product. The large clip ET11 requires a straight pull of 8 – 9lbs pressure to release, so we advise a minimum of 12lb line.

Product Code: ET12

Quantity: 5 per pack.