ET13FS Food Source Popup Sweetcorn Range


The new ‘Food Source Popup Sweetcorn Range’ is a range of buoyant imitation corn hook baits incorporating the same flavour that’s used in some of the most successful food source boilies of all time.

Includes 4 boilie colour grains.

Product Code: ET13FS (plus flavour code)       

Quantity: 8 baits per pack

RRP: £3.25

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CompanyFlavourColoursET Product Code
NutrabaitsTriggaYellow & Trigga ColoursET13FST
SolarSquid & Octopus (Club Mix)Yellow & Club Mix ColourET13FSSO
RichworthsKG1Yellow & KG1 ColourET13FSKG
EssentialsShellfish B5Yellow & B5 ColourET13FSSF
Innovate baitsSquid 2TFluoro Pink & Squid 2T ColourET13FSST

Frank Warwick says:

“I have found through extensive field testing over the years, that results have been consistently better with the flavoured corn, compared to the plain version, especially at night. This range of flavoured corn is based on some of the greatest food source boilies ever, incorporating the same flavour that’s included in the actual boilies eg. The Essential Baits B5 corn is flavoured with the same shellfish plum flavour packagethat is used in the legendary Shellfish B5 boilie.

As well as the highly visual grains of com (ideal for tipping baits to add a flash of colour), half are coloured to match the actual colour of the boilie. These are ideal to use with a PVA bag of matching chopped baits, to replicate a piece of broken boilie.

My personal favourite presentation, is to hair rig two pieces of com on a size 8 long shank hook, adding a small shot just behind the shrink tube, to perfectly counterbalance the setup” .

Enterprise Food Source Popup Sweetcorn Range