ET13SMF – Sinking Sweetcorn Fluoro

ET13SMF sinking fluro corn


Offering an alternative presentation to our popup corn, our sinking imitation corn has been developed to sink like a real grain of corn, mimicking a free offering. Ideal for pressured fish that may be wary of a popped up bait.

Resistant to the unwanted attention from nuisance species including crayfish, and tough enough to withstand casting, the angler is always guaranteed a hook bait. We recommend hair rigging with a longish hair to give the most natural presentation, can be mounted length ways or sideways on the hair, either by itself or in combination with real corn.

Available in Mixed Fluoro pack of Red, Orange,Yellow, Pink & Green, 2 grains of each.

Product Code: ET13SMF

Quantity: 10 per pack.

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