ET33 Popup Pots

ET33CM Corn Maize pot


Our Popup Pots are tigernuts, corn/maize and pellets in a mini glug pot with liquid flavour.

RRP. £3.95 Tigernuts, Mini Tigernuts  and Corn/Maize.   RRP. £4.50 Pellets

These highly flavoured buoyant baits are ideal to use as single hook baits, releasing flavour over many hours. Just as effective though when used over a bed of spod mix, or with a PVA bag of pellets. can be dropped back into the glug pot after use to re-flavour, ready for your next trip.

Available in Tigernuts (Tigernut Flavour), Mixed Corn and Maize (Tutti Fruitti and Peach Flavour) and Mixed 10,14 and 18mm Pellets (Crab and Garlic Flavour).


Product Code: ET33

Quantity: 5 baits per pack Tigernuts, 8 baits per pack Mini Tigernuts, 10 baits per pack Corn/Maize, 8 Baits per pack Pellets.

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