ET33B Eternal Boilie Flavour Pot range


Our Eternal Boilie Flavour Pot Range  are imitation boilies already flavoured with our own liquid flavour combinations, in a handy mini glug pot.

Our imitation boilies have been designed to give the modern day angler maximum flexibility when creating rigs to fool wary fish. The inclusion of a hole into one side, enables weight to be added to create a critically balanced or sinking bait.
Eternal boilies can be used effectively popped up on their own, or in combination with real boilies to create the popular ‘Snowman’ Rig. Their buoyancy remains the same, even after prolonged use, and are resistant to the attentions of nuisance species including Crayfish.

Available in Brown, Fluoro Red, Fluoro Orange, Fluoro Pink & Fluoro Yellow.

Product Code: ET34B

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Quantity: 8 per pack.

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FlavourColoursET Product Code
Crab & GarlicBrownET33BB
Strawberry & AniseedFluoro RedET33BFR
Tutti Fruitti & PeachFluoro OrangeET33BFO
Crab & RaspberryFluoro PinkET33BFP
Banana & PeachFluoro YellowET33BFY