ET38 Pic Stick (Self Photography Aid)

ET38 pic stick


A quick and simple to use aid for self- portrait photography that ensures you and the fish are in every photo.

Hinged at the base so that it falls out of the shot. White sight board makes night shots simple.  Adjust the height of the Pic Stick so that the white sight board, is set to the height you intend to hold the fish at. Now set your camera up on a tripod or bank stick a set distance from the Pic Stick, and set the focus point on the sight board which will become center of frame. Now the set up is complete, the angler positions himself behind the Pic Stick with the fish held central to the sight board. A slight knock of the Pic Stick sees it fall flat out of shot, leaving the angler centre frame.

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Quantity: 1 per pack.

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