ET45 Sea Rod Nightlite Adaptor

ET45 sea adaptor


Specially designed for beachcasters, our adaptors are suitable for use with isotopes and chemical nightlites to 6mm diameter.

The soft inner core ensures a secure grip on tip diameters up to 5.5mm.
Simply fold the larger adaptor (marked with a dot), around the tip in the lower position and secure in place with the tube provided. Place the starlite into the tube. Now fold the smaller adaptor around the rod tip and slide into the tube, (it may help to saliva first). The point at which the adaptor is fixed, is determined by ring spacing and rod tip diameter. If used with a 6mm dia SL3 starlite cut the tube provided in half, and attach at both ends.
The pack contains 1 Adaptor suitable for use with a wide range of rod tip diameters up to 5.5mm -plus a packet of two Starlites.

Product Code: ET45

Quantity: 1 per pack.

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