ET50 Bloodworm-Shrimp pellets

ET50 bloodworm pellet


Our imitation bloodworm/shrimp pellet contains real fish oil with belachan (fermented shrimp), and are soaked in a worm and shrimp flavour.

Available in 5mm & 8mm.

RRP. 5mm £2.60, 8mm £2.85

Super soft yet tough, they make an ideal hooker pellet when used with real shrimp or bloodworm pellets. No need for constant rebaiting, the angler is always guaranteed a hook bait.
Although buoyant, they can be counter-balanced with an appropriate sized hook to produce a slow sinking or critically balanced hook bait.

Product Code: ET50

Quantity: 5mm 14 per pack, 8mm 8 per pack.

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