ET54 Imitation Prawns



Prawn and Prawn products have long been regarded by many as one of the most effective fish attracting foods.

Our sinking imitation Prawn hook baits have a density similar to real Prawn, and offer a natural presentation, mimicking a free offering. Their attraction has been enhanced with the addition of our own Prawn flavour.

Resistant to the unwanted attention from nuisance species including crayfish, and tough enough to withstand casting, they offer the angler a guaranteed hook bait.

We recommend soaking in our own worm and shrimp flavour to futher boost their attraction, and fishing them over fishmeal groundbait laced with natural chopped or whole prawns.

Sinking imitation Prawn ideal for use as a hair rigged bottom bait and resists the attention of nuisance species including crayfish.

Product Code: ET54

Quantity: 5 per pack.

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