ET61S Imitation Worms (Neutrally Buoyant).

ET61S worms


Neutrally buoyant imitation Redworms in a concentrated worm flavour. Ideal for use directly on the hook or hair rig.

Our imitation Redworms can be used in several ways for a variety of species. Try threading one up the shank and over the eye of the hook, leaving just the tail hanging below the bend.This will help camouflage and counterbalance the hook, giving the angler an edge when targeting wary fish. This method can also be used in conjunction with a hair rigged real bait eg: boilies, pellets etc, giving the fish a choice of baits.
Due to their neutral buoyancy, when used on a hair rig any water displacement caused by the fish feeding will add natural movement to the bait.
Super soft yet tough and resilient, they are ideal for use with barbless hooks where real worms can wriggle free.
Can be used as a hook skins to help camouflage and counterbalance the hook. Resists the attention of nuisance species including crayfish.

The pack contains 3 small, 3 medium and 2 large.

Also Available in Popup.

Product Code: ET61S

Quantity: 8 baits per pack.

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