ET62 Zig Rig/Surface Bait.

ET62 zigrig


Super soft buoyant imitation bait specially designed for zig rigs and surface fishing.

Available in Black, Red, Chum Mixer, Yellow, Mixed pack of colours ( black, yellow, fluoro yellow, terracotta and white) and Niteglow (mixed pack of neon green and blue).

Frank Warwick says:

“These ultra buoyant hookbaits are specifically designed to lift long hooklengths associated with zig rigs and surface fishing. The range of colours give you the optimum choice to suit various light conditions. They can be trimmed to size to match fly hatches and will perform well when used as a pop up whilst fishing on the bottom or indeed as a part of a snowman set up. Because of their porous nature they also absorb flavours and glugs superbly.”

We recommend using these baits in combination with a soft supple hooklength and a short shank wide gape size 10/12 hook, either side hooked or on a short hair rig.

Product Code: ET62

Quantity: 10 baits per pack colour packs – 8 baits per pack Niteglow.

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