ET64 Imitation Snails


If you’re looking for an alternative hook bait then try our new Imitation Snails?

The pack  contains a total of 9 snails in 3 colour variations and 3 sizes, plus 3 sticks of black foam.

Product Code: ET64

Quantity: 9 baits in 3 colours & 3 sizes per pack.

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The soft buoyant plastic snail shells come in 3 sizes and all are impregnated with fish proteins for added attraction. All 3 sizes contain a recess to accept black zig rig foam inserts that are included in each pack, to add extra buoyancy for popped up or zig rig presentations.

Enterprise Imitation Snails

To create a balanced bottom bait, a small shot can be pinched onto the hair loop and pulled into the recess,

which can then be plugged with paste to further boost attraction. Alternatively the recess could be plugged with a pellet or trimmed down boilie, to match the angler’s loose feed.

They  have proved very successful for bream, tench and carp to over 40lb, with the snails catching on occasions when other traditional baits have failed to catch. Using the snails to tip a boilie proving to be very effective. Our new imitation snails make the ideal alternative ‘natural’ hook bait. Use on a Zig Rig or fill with paste to create a balanced bottom bait.

Zig – Anchored Pop-up Rig.

Enterprise Imitation Snails

Use rig foam cut from the sticks provided and insert into the recess, to create added buoyancy for Zig rigs or anchored popped up presentations, such as the KD Rig. To boost attraction, soak in a liquid flavour.

Balanced Bottom Bait.

Use a small shot pinched onto the hair loop instead of a boilie stop. Pull tight into the recess and plug with paste for added attraction.
using Enterprise imitation snails