ET72 Zig Beetles


Based on the body shape of the Great Diving Beetle that form part of a carp’s natural diet, our Zig Beetles offer a delicate, lifelike and versatile bait for the serious Zig Rig angler.

Available in Mixed Pack of beetles, foam and hairstop colours .

The 4 colours of rig foam combined with the 2 colour beetle option and multi-coloured integrated hair stops, give the angler a choice of natural or high visibility hook bait to suit various water conditions.

We recommend using these baits in combination with a soft supple hooklength and a short shank wide gape size 10/12 hook on a short hair rig.

Product Code: ET72

Quantity: 6 baits in mix of 3 Brown/Black and 3 Yellow per pack – 4 different foam and hair stop colours.



How to use the Zig Beetles – the following sequence shows you how to set the Zig Beetles for optimum presentation.

Tie a short hair, approximately 10mm long to ensure the Zig Beetle sits close to the shank

Insert the needle through the slot in the back of the beetle

Cut your foam to a size to suit your needs, approximately 4mm

Mount the foam insert on the baiting needle

Hook the hair rig into the hook on the baiting needle and pull back through the beetle

Cut off the hair stop colour of your choice

Insert the hair stop, small end first through the hair

Pull the hair rig back and position the hair stop in the groove in the back of the Zig Beetle

Video featuring Frank Warwick talking about the way he will use Enterprise Tackles new ET72 Zig Beetles and on this trip he uses one to catch one of Bluebell Lakes big common carp, a fish that is probably one of the most difficult to fool, being wary of most ‘regular’ baits and methods, but it just couldn’t resist an Enterprise Zig Beetle as they look so natural, even the experts like this wily old fish can’t spot its an imitation!!