Congratulations  Ron Nathlich.

I caught this 26.43 lb common in a small local lake. You can  cast and accidentally hit the far bank. Quite often, people come to this lake to feed the ducks. I have noticed on more than one occasion, carp swimming toward the feeding ducks. I thought bread might be the bait to try. The
problem with bread, it gets soggy and falls off the hook. A quick search of the web, and I find Enterprise tackle. A few clicks of the mouse and I have popup sweetcorn and imitation bread. I have caught many carp using one or the other. This evening I decide to top the imitation bread, with a single popup sweetcorn. The photo speaks volumes on my results. Ironically, a  man from the UK walking by snapped the photo for me. The sun was setting when I hooked the fish, but it was nearly dark by the time I netted him. I’m sold  on imitation baits!
Ron Nathlich