Cancelled Order

There seems to have been some kind of problem in processing your payment through Paypal and you have been redirected to this page, advising you that your order has been ‘cancelled’.

This maybe correct and you are aware of the problem already.

If however this is not the actual position and you believe payment has been taken by Paypal, you should contact us to verify this using the contact form on the right. You should also have received an invoice from Paypal confirming it has taken money for the goods you wished to purchase from Enterprise Tackle. If you have a Paypal account you should log in and check your account too..

If payment has been completed, we will have received your order and in due course notification of the status of the payment process from Paypal. If there is a payment and the order is valid, we will advise you and supply the goods as normal.

Where a genuine problem with your payment has occurred and there is no payment received, the order will be cancelled and the goods will not be supplied and no money will be taken.

If you have any need to contact us to discuss this problem, please do so using the email address below, outlining what happened during the process of ordering and making payment.

Contact Us over payment problems: Use our contact form >>>>

Or by Telephone: 01767 691 231

Thank you

Enterprise team.