Stewart Harris’s Lovely 29lb 1oz Mirror.

The winter floods ruined my planned chub fishing and after spending most of the cold months carp fishing on the canals I probably wasn’t really as enthusiastic about a spring carping campaign as I would normally have been.

Stewart Harris's lovely 29lb 1oz mirror I have however spent plenty of time this spring doing some recce work in my newly purchased boat and that should stand me in good stead over the coming months, this work has now started to pay off with a catch of 4 carp that was taken over the bank holiday weekend.
The venue in question is a low stock gravel pit where every capture has to been seen as a prize so I was more than happy to take 3 hard fighting male commons of 12lb, 19lb 3oz and 20lb 4oz.  I had however started to think that the bigger females might be elsewhere on the lake so I was absolutely chuffed when I eventually latched into a stunning mirror of 29lb 1oz that managed to give me a right battering before succumbing to the inevitable.  The mirror was tripped up using an Enterprise mini pop up tiger nut (ET30M) to balance out a real tiger nut and this was presented blow back style on a Esp two tone hooklength.